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Christians Believe Conflict in Middle East Means End Times is Near - Pat Robertson Says Read Ezekiel 38 - Republicans United For Israel Too

August 3rd 2006

Christians Believe Conflict in Middle East Means End Times is Near - Pat Robertson Says Read Ezekiel 38 - Republicans United For Israel Too

Current Events

According to most evangelical Christians, the conflict in the Middle East has been foretold and prophesized and we are living in the “end times”.  Earlier this month 3,500 evangelicals made a pilgrimage to Washington to show support for Israel.  They came from all 50 states and are part of a group called "Christians United for Israel".

They all agreed that America needs to support Israel.  ABC News Nightline ran a segment on the subject last night where an attendee named Gwen Resser from St Louis said, "America needs to stand with Israel according to the word of God, and for victory.  I mean, it's for victory. It's not a time for concessions."


Pat Robertson mentioned prophecy on the “700 Club”, "Realizing the biblical implications, I would recommend some of you read the 38th chapter of the prophet Ezekiel to get a real fix on what's happening."

The book of Ezekiel speaks of Israel defeating armies from the North (most believe to be Russia) and Persia (Iran).  The Nightline broadcast said the Bible paints a dim view for the Jews in the prophecy.  Comment on this article at our Forum


The ambassador to the United States from Israel, Daniel Ayalon, was a speaker at the conference.  A huge Israeli flag served as the backdrop behind the podium.  When asked about the prophecies dim view of Jews, Ayalon said "When the messiah comes we will ask him if he coming or returning and that would establish if we would all be Jews of Christians. Until he comes, I don't worry myself about this."

It is interesting that Ayalon said he is not worried about the prophecy.  The syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager says prophecy plays a minor role in the Jewish religion. Prager is also Jewish. Ayalon’s remarks back this up. Ayalon added "This is a very important phenomenon and certainly this is a real twist in history, as in the past centuries we have been suffering, now it's quite the opposite and we welcome it very much."


The Old Testament book of Ezekiel is on the forefront of many Christian’s minds. "If you support Israel, you will be blessed, and if you don't support Israel, you will be cursed," convention attendee Dean Resser said.

The dinner was also attended by Senator Rick Santorum, R-Pa. and other powerful Republican officials including Ken Mehlman, director of the Republican National Committee.  Mehlman said “Today, if you love freedom, whether you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim, whether you are American, Japanese, or Indian, today we are all Israelis." 

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