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TV Series Lost on ABC has New Twists - Television Show

April 5th 2006

TV Series Lost on ABC has New Twists – Locke is Becoming Dominant Character While the Doctor Seeks Attention

The Lost Cast

Lost is one of the most popular shows on Television right now, and for good reason.  The last episode involved John Locke, the prisoner, and Locke’s past.  It was one of the best episodes of the series and answered some of the questions involving the prisoner, Henry Gale, sort of. 

Henry was captured in a trap set by the French Woman, who claims he is one of the “others”.  The other people on the island are still a mystery, along with pretty much everything else in the show.  We are still not sure why everyone ended up on the ill-fated plane that crash landed on the island.  Locke tends to believe it is a good thing, especially considering he was not able to use his legs before the crash, but once on the island he was able to.

In the next episode, Hurly is expected to get some support from Libby, the woman whom he admires, when he begins to think the island is having a strange effect on him.  The island appears to be having a strange effect on everyone, including the viewers of the TV show, who can’t stop watching and never want to miss an episode.


The last episode ended with Locke being helped by Henry when his legs got trapped below a blast doors that come down for no apparent reason.  The numbers began counting down and he had to tell the prisoner the code to reset the clock. 

Did you notice how quickly the prisoner remembered the series of numbers?  We did.  What is up with that?  In the next episode, according to the producers, Locke’s sense of purpose is shaken when the prisoner provides new information about the hatch. 

Just when we thought that the prisoner was not one of the “others”, Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie throw a curve ball.  They found Henry’s balloon, and dug up the body that was supposed to Henry’s wife.  Come to find out, the body was of a black man with the ID identifying as “Henry Gale”!  So who is this prisoner?


The last episode ended with a parachute air drop of food and supplies.  All of the boxes had a strange symbol on them; the same symbol Locke saw on the ceiling when he was trapped under the blast doors.  After Henry (or whatever his real name is) crawled around to the other side in order to reset the clock, black lights came on in the living area and the symbol became apparent of the ceiling. 

Now we have new questions.  What do the numbers really mean?  What does the symbol mean?  Who is this prisoner, and why were they all brought to this island?
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By Dan Wilson
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