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The Break Up - Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston Movie

June 9th 2006

The Break Up - Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston Movie

Jennifer and Vince

Most romance movies are about two people getting together, but the new Vince Vaughn-Jennifer Aniston comedy, is a mold-breaker.  The movie Break-Up is about two people breaking-up.  For this reason you might expect the movie to fail. 

Many movie reviewers said the movie would be flop.  But that is what they said about the Da Vinci Code as well; however both movies are doing great.  So much for what the critics say.  Break-Up grossed over $38 million the first weekend, making it the third biggest opening weekend for a romantic comedy. 

With all of the horror films being produced lately, I think people are looking for a comedy, any comedy.  Movie-goers would even settle for reverse-romance called The Break-Up. 


Both Jennifer Aniston and Vince kept distance between them at the Los Angeles premier of their movie.  Jennifer walked the red carpet a good 5 minutes before Vince, and they never got within 25 feet of each other.    

Neither Vince nor Jennifer have confirmed anything more than an off-screen friendship. That has not stopped people from speculating on a possible offscreen romance, but did this speculation lead to their box office success?  Other relationships between stars did not guarantee success.  Real life romance did not guarantee a box office success for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Jennifer and Vince’s success may have to do with the quality of the movie.  It may also be their “down to earth personalities” which contributed to their success.  Who wants to see a movie staring actors they don’t like.  These two are genuine and I believe most fans wish them the best.  That is if there really is an offscreen romance going on.     

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