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Oprah's Weight Loss Plan Show on Monday - Diet and Exercise Daily - Winfey Boot Camp Includes Pilates Aerobics and Strength Training

June 16th 2006

Oprah's Weight Loss Plan Show on Monday - Diet and Exercise Daily - Winfey Boot Camp Includes Pilates Aerobics and Strength Training

Oprah Magazine

Oprah Winfrey will be having a special program on Monday concerning weight-loss.  She says that the most common questioned asked of her is “How does she lose weight and keep it off?”  Here special is expected to feature a man who lost 500 pounds without surgery.  A woman lost 85 pounds and will make her TV debut in a bikini.

Oprah had many years of weight gain and loss.  She would say on Monday “I'm going to do it" and then by Wednesday she would be failing.  She now realizes that the commitment to do well and to be well is a lifetime of choices that you make daily.  She says that true commitment does not come when you say "I'll try" Or "I want to" or "I really want to." The true commitment comes when you say, "I have decided."

Oprah says she does not have the genetics or body type to function without exercise.  She must make a daily choice to exercise to stay fit.  She says she does this the way she takes a bath, as a necessity. 


Oprah says she does at least 30 minutes of aerobics a day.  She calls it a party for one and can go for 45 minutes to the music of Stevie Wonder or Tina Turner.  She avoids telling herself that the workout is hard because it negates the “whole process of trying to move forward.”  

Three days a week Oprah adds resistance training.  She has also started doing Pilates two to three times a week.  Oprah considers it a “spiritual act”, where she practices principles of “moving out from the center, awareness, harmony, balance, and control to help me embody where I'm going with my life.”

The benefit, according to Winfrey, is that you end up walking taller.  She says you feel stronger and look leaner as well.   Oprah adds that if you are doing just for those reasons, you will get frustrated because the process is so very slow. 


Diet is incredibly important.  Winfrey says that she has learned to treat refined and processed carbohydrates as though they were poison.  She does give herself four to six opportunities a year to indulge.   

Oprah says that we spend too much time worrying about what we ate and what we shouldn’t eat.  We feel guilty about it, and this can cause us to get-down on ourselves.  This could add up to several years of our life and we can’t get that time back.  For that reason she is not wasting any more time dwelling on those negative thoughts.  She says “It's amazing. I feel as if I'm living on a higher frequency, a stronger, brighter charge. The voltage got turned up.”

Oprah used to use every big occasion as a time to eat.  She would hope that the parties would have some “good hors d'oeuvres.”  Now she says she is wondering who would be interesting to meet at the parties. 


She has learned to avoid the food triggers.  When she would get home she would put her purse down and go straight for the refrigerator. Now she says when she comes home she puts down her purse and puts on her pajamas.  This gets her past the fridge impulse.

Many people use a reward system to eat.  Oprah said that when she finished a show she would go to her office and eat some potato chips.  That was a way of rewarding herself.  Now though she walks around the building to get to her office.  This has helped her break the pattern.

It is amazing how self control can make you feel good.  On her 50th Birthday celebration she told herself that she would not eat a piece of the decadent cake everyone saw on the show.  She made her mind up and stuck to it and  she says it made her feel “absolutely fabulous”. Comment on this Article at our Forum

Oprah says she would like to lose another 12 pounds or so.  To do this she has begun a “personal Boot Camp” lasting three months. With Bob Green, author of Total Body Makeover, she has put together a eating and exercise plan based on what she has found to work for her.  She has also asked four people at Harpo to do it with her.  Oprah says that she his hoping to help others.  She says “When you learn, you teach.” 

People always say I am too busy to exercise.  She says you need to put yourself on the top of the list, and give yourself the same respect you may give others.  We lie to ourselves and this breaks the laws of self preservation, according to Oprah.    

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