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Sheryl Crow Talks to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America and Vanity Fair Magazine about the Breakup with Lance Armstrong and Breast Cancer

July 6th 2006

Sheryl Crow Talks to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America and Vanity Fair Magazine about the Breakup with Lance Armstrong and Breast Cancer

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow says she would have loved for former fiancé, Lance Armstrong, to step in and be there with her, but when it comes down to it, she depended on her family for emotional support.  She called the breakup “devastating” for both of them, and she thinks of Lance everyday, and she thinks “about his kids every day."

In a Good Morning America interview with Diane Sawyer, Crow said she broke-up with Lance on February 4th and on the 20th doctors found calcification in both breast using a routine mammogram. Crow, 44, told Sawyer that "I thought: 'Now, this is just one crummy joke.  It was like, 'Wait a minute, how can this be? No, you've got the wrong person.' You know. … But yeah, that's the way it happened, you know."

The doctor told her to come back in 6 months but another doctor told her not to wait, so she had an immediate biopsy.  The results indicated cancer and the doctors recommended a lumpectomy.

Sheryl relied on her family to carry her through the ordeal.  She told Sawyer that “it's in those moments when you realize, OK. … This is my life. Your first instinct is to say, OK, I have to have my family here. I've got to rely on my doctors, and I have to surround myself with people who can really carry me through this and who can really be there emotionally for me, like really just consistently be there emotionally."  She makes it clear that Lance did not “bail” on her. 

According to Vanity Fair Magazine, Lance got the news while he was on a “soul-searching solo road trip from Lake Tahoe to Oregon”.  Lance told Vanity Fair that when he got the call, "I actually turned around to make the drive to L.A. We talked along the way and she said, 'You know, I just don't think that's a great idea.'"  Crow said "it would be hard on her in trying to manage a breakup and the diagnosis.”  Lance said “I totally understood."


Crow told Frank DiGiacomo of Vanity Fair, "It was difficult, you know, I know he wanted to be there. I would have loved for him to have swept in and carried me through," she says, but she ultimately realized that she needed to rely on someone else. "When you're in those moments when you're really clinging to a life buoy, you look around and say, 'Who are the people that can really stand up for me? Who can really just be there for me all the way through this—emotionally, unconditionally?' And that was my family." Vanity Fair hit the newsstands in Los Angeles and New York yesterday and will be available nationwide July 11th

She thinks about Lance “every day”.  Every so often Crow says she gets a "phantom itch" when something she sees or reads reminds her of an experience they shared.  When asked about the reason for the breakup, she told DiGiacomo in an e-mail “It would be easy to say this is all about my wanting to get married and have kids but it was never that simple. It was much deeper than that." She added "I will never feel comfortable talking about the private inner workings of my relationships. It just makes my life feel compromised."

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