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Type-2 Diabetes Treatment my include Managing an Enzyme

January 3rd 2006

Type-2 Diabetes Treatment my include Managing an Enzyme

Insulin Molecule

There is a link between high-fat diets and type 2 diabetes, according to researchers at the University of California, San Diego.  In fact they have found a molecular connection between the fat and the disruption of insulin production. 

An enzyme called GnT-4a enables the beta cells in the pancreas to monitor blood glucose levels and produce the appropriate amount of insulin.  The study appearing in the December 29th issue of the journal Cell examined how this enzyme is suppressed by a high-fat diet in mice.  The result of the high-fat diet is diabetes.

In the early stages of diabetes patients produce insufficient amounts of insulin resulting in hyperglycemia.  Hyperglycemia is an elevated level of blood glucose in the blood.  The Beta cells overcompensate and produce too much insulin, resulting in diabetes.


A possible treatment may include a process to prevent the inhibition of the gene responsible in the production of the enzyme GnT-4a.  This will increase the insulin production.

The study also implicates the high-fat diet as a cause for type 2 diabetes.  Eating lots of fat will block the production of this enzyme compromising the ability of the beta cells in the pancreas. 

The high-fat Western diet sets Americans up for diabetes.  There are some 20 million Americans with type-2 diabetes.  A future treatment may include managing the GnT-4a enzyme.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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