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Fertility Treatments for Older Couples Infertility increases with Age

February 7th 2006

Fertility Treatments for Older Couples  Infertility increases with Age


There are several options in seeking treatment for infertility.  If couples are unable to conceive after one year of trying, experts say you should consider seeking treatment.  You may want to receive a thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine the best course of action.  This can be done by an infertility specialist.  

There are several infertility treatments including Assisted Hatching, micromanipulation, Microsurgical Tubal Repair, ICSI Offers New Hope for Couples With Male Factor, IVF with ICSI - A Treatment For Men With No Sperm in Ejaculate, and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). 

Women today are waiting to get pregnant more frequently than before.  This is the reason for most of the infertility today, according to Dr. Sherman Silber, author of How to Get Pregnant. 


In an ABC News broadcast, Sliber said that when women are in their early 20s they have a 1% chance of being infertile.  By the time women reach their late 20s they have a 16% chance of being infertile.  The number goes up to 25% when they get into their 30s.

This type of problem does not occur with men according to Silber.  Sperm production in men does not drastically decrease with age.  Men either have high sperm counts or they dont.

You may want to also review the State Infertility Insurance Laws to assist you with financial considerations.  Then you need to choose the right clinic.  There are directories for infertility clinics.  The ihr.com website is a great place to find clinics in your area.  If you are using a third party egg-donor as part of the process, you may want information on how to choose donor.  The Internet Health Resources website is a great resource for this as well.

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