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Viagra Possible Treatment for Crohn’s – Weak Immune System To Blame for Disease

February 24th 2006

Viagra Possible Treatment for Crohn’s – Weak Immune System To Blame for Disease

Crohn's Affected Areas

New research has found a possible cause for Crohn’s Disease which may lead to a treatment. The researchers found that when patients with Crohn's were injected with harmless bacteria, their body showed a reduced blood flow. Normally blood flow would increase in response to the bacteria. 

Anthony Segal, from the University College London in the United Kingdom, believes “Viagra may be successful in correcting the low blood flow and may be helpful in the treatment of the disease.”  The Scientists believe that the reduced blood flow along with low levels of white blood cells could lead to “the persistence of bacteria and other debris in the tissue.”


The English scientists examined the levels of white blood cells produced by individuals with the disease.  They have discovered that people with Crohn’s disease had significantly lower levels of white blood cells.  This indicated a reduced immune response. 

Segal looked at trauma site on the bowels and on the skin in patients with Crohn’s.  He believes the body reacts to this persistence of bacteria and other debris, producing “inflammatory molecules”, which could lead to the chronic inflammation.  This inflammation is typical of Crohn’s. 

Previously scientists believed that Crohn’s disease was caused by a malfunctioning immune system, where the body attacks itself.  But to the contrary, the problem might be a weakened immune system.


The disease affects approximately half a million Americans.  The symptoms include abdominal pain, often in the lower right area, and diarrhea, rectal bleeding and weight loss.  According to the National Institutes of Health, Crohn’s symptoms can also include arthritis, skin problems, and fever.  The bleeding can become serious, leading to anemia.

In children, the disease can stunt growth.  The severity of the symptoms can vary.  The new research is published in the February 23rd issue of Lancet.

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