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Fake or Sham Acupuncture Treatment For Migraines Works as Well as the Real Therapy or Drugs – Research from Germany

March 2nd 2006

Fake or Sham Acupuncture Treatment For Migraines Work as Well as the Real Therapy or Drugs – Research from Germany

Acupuncture Therapy

Researchers from Germany say that acupuncture works as well as standard drugs for migraines.  Apparently placement of the acupuncture needles is not important either.  The researchers compared fake acupuncture treatments with drugs and real traditional acupuncture. 

The fake or so called “sham” acupuncture involved placing the fine needles in places that were not traditionally used by therapists.  Reuters reported that Dr. Hans-Christoph Diener said “This tells us that Chinese acupuncture is not a very specific treatment”, since the sham acupuncture worked just as well.

The researchers believe that acupuncture is a viable treatment for migraines.  Dr. Diener went on to say “The main finding is that Chinese acupuncture is as effective as drug treatment for the prophylaxis of migraine.”


Migraine sufferers can experience intense pain or throbbing on one side of their head, distorted vision, nausea or vomiting.  They may also be sensitive to light, sound and smells. 

Migraine attacks can last up to 3 days and can interfere with daily activities.  The study found that the migraine patients suffered fewer days after being treated with either sham or real (verum) acupuncture.


Dr. Diener said in a prepared statement that “Ultimately, one could argue that the efficacy of a treatment, especially a treatment with almost no adverse events or contraindications, is more important than the knowledge of the mechanism of action of this particular theory”, according to HealthDay News.

The research was reported Wednesday online in Lancet Neurology.   

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