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Driving Under the Influence of Ambien - Arrests on the Rise for Drivers Using Sleeping Pills - Alternative Techniques for Treating Insomnia

March 9th 2006

Driving Under the Influence of Ambien - Arrests on the Rise for Drivers Using Sleeping Pills - Alternative Techniques for Treating Insomnia


The popular sleep aid, Ambien, has been showing up with regularity in traffic arrests.  Sometimes drivers later claim that they were sleep-driving and have no memory of taking the wheel.  Reporters have begun calling these drivers “sleep zombies”

Sometimes the drivers are not drunk, but just sleepy because of sleeping pills.  According to an ABC News Good Morning America special, the drivers don’t have any recollection of getting behind the wheel when they are pulled over. 

Police in some states say that Ambien is one of the top 10 drugs found in impaired motorists.   Timing can be important as well.  One driver took the drug before she left work, so she would be ready for bed when they got home. 

These drivers did more than just weave or drive slowly.  According to GMA a Wisconsin Toxicologist said “The driving was not just such that it was weaving within the lane.  It was driving on the entirely wrong side of the road and almost having head-on collisions."  There were 187 drivers in the state of Wisconsin that were arrested for driving under the influence of Ambien the past five years. 

Drug manufacturers say that patients should always read all the information and warnings that come with any drug.  Just because a drug is prescribed, does not mean it is OK to take anytime, or to mix with other drugs or alcohol. 


There are many reasons why individuals may have a hard time falling asleep (Insomnia).  Some experts say that if you are unable to fall asleep after 20 minutes you should get up and read a book or watch TV outside your bedroom.  Use your bedroom for sleeping only. 

There may be some other underlying problems as to why you don’t feel rested when awake.  Sleep Apnea is a common problem that robs individuals of a good night’s sleep.  The first step is to enroll in a sleep study to determine the problem.


Last year there were 42 million prescriptions filled for sleeping pills. This is up 60% in the past six years.  The sharp increase could be the result of extensive marketing campaigns by drug companies.  Ambien is the most popular sleeping pill.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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