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How to Save Money on Prescriptions by Buying Online - Compared Costco and Sam's Club With International Generics from Canadian Pharmacies

March 20th 2006

How to Save Money on Prescriptions by Buying Online - Compared Costco and Sam's Club With International Generics from Canadian Pharmacies

Shop online & save

I have always heard that Costco was the lowest price on prescription drugs.  Don’t get me wrong, they do have great prices, especially on generics, but even their prices can be beat.  The last time I went to Costco I noticed that my three month supply of Diovan HCT went up to a little over $190.  That was just too much.

The Diovan is a brand name drug, and there are no generics sold here in the US.  I did a little research and found that there was an “international generic” made overseas available from a Canadian Pharmacy.  I became a little skeptical when they told me I could only pay with money order – no credit cards. 

Sure the International generic was less money, but what was I going to get?  I was quoted about $135 for a three month supply.  I noticed that their month’s supply was only 28 pills compared to 30 pills through Costco.


Before plopping down the money for an international generic, I called Sam’s Club.  Their price for the “real thing” brand name was $174 for a three month supply.  Sam’s Club beat Costco prices!  This was with the standard $40 membership.  Sam’s Club does offer up to 30% off of some of their drugs with their higher priced memberships, but this was already a great price.

Before I decided to buy from Sam’s Club, I decided to try some online pharmacies, again.  The Internet is great for buying things like books and pharmaceutical drugs.   I shopped around and found the real Diovan for $164.  This was a full 90 pill prescription, unlike the international version that was only 84 pills.  Plus, the shipping was only $1.99. 


My insurance through Blue Cross covers me for major medical, but not prescriptions.  I have saved a fortune over the years with this coverage, and will continue to save.  The Internet is an amazing new tool that can save me even more. 

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By Dan Wilson
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