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Secrets of Thin People – Habits Can Help Keep Weight Under Control – ABC News Broadcast Highlights Real Simple Magazine Article

March 31st 2006

Secrets of Thin People – Habits Can Help Keep Weight Under Control – ABC News Broadcast Highlights Real Simple Magazine Article

More Vegetables

ABC News highlighted some habits that can be used by overweight people to become thin.  Researchers from Pennsylvania found that thin people tend to eat low calorie density foods.  These foods contain high water content.  Examples include fruits, vegetables, water-based soups and stews, and cooked whole grains.

They typically don’t count calories or carry a food scale around with them, according to Barbara Rolls, professor of nutrition at Pennsylvania State University.  Lorie Parch writes in Real Simple Magazine that thin people “keep an eye on what they eat without being obsessive, many focus on filling their plates with mostly fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.”  According to Rolls, thin people tend to eat five small meals a day rather than three squares.  This makes it easier to scale down portions.

Thin people don’t skip meals. According to the report, they don’t skip breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important meal.  According to the ABC News story “A recent study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association showed that people who ate breakfast were less likely to be overweight than those who didn't.”  I have to admit, I have met many thin people that did skip breakfast.


Thin people do not sit still.  A study by the Endocrine Research Unit of the Mayo Clinic said that even thin people who call themselves couch potatoes tend to move more than heavier people.  So the experts say get up and move whenever you can.

Finally, according to Parch, thin people put themselves first.  Anne Fletcher, a registered dietitian and the author of Thin for Life, said “So often the women I saw were people who refused to take time for themselves.  Their whole lives were spent giving, giving, giving — which women tend to do anyway, but it was really to a fault. Sometimes you need to put yourself first.” 


Thin women tend to prioritize their health by eating right, exercising regularly and taking control of their stress.  Fletcher says “When people take the reins, they realize that the solution to weight control is inside them, not in some magic potion or fad diet that their mother or sister is on.”

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