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Breast Cancer Risk Not Increased With Implants - Swedish Study Found This Silicone Implants - Cosmetic Surgery Does Not Cause Cancer

April 19th 2006

Breast Cancer Risk Not Increased With Implants - Swedish Study Found This Silicone Implants - Cosmetic Surgery Does Not Cause Cancer

Silicone Implant

A new study found that breast implants do not cause breast cancer.  Researchers from the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center say this is the longest follow-up study to date of cancer incidence among women with silicone breast implants.  This study shows that having implants does not put women at an increased risk for cancer, but actually shows to be associated with a decreased breast cancer risk.

The researchers studied 3,486 Swedish women with cosmetic breast implants implanted for the first time from 1965 to 1993.  The Swedes have the best cancer registries in the world, going back almost 50 years, according to Joseph McLaughlin, Ph.D.  McLaughlin is a cancer epidemiologist with the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and the International Epidemiology Institute.  McLaughlin worked with colleagues at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden to determine breast cancer risk.


McLaughlin followed women over an average of more than 18 years, but some were tracked for up to 40 years.  The research includes more than 2,200 women who were followed for 15 years or more after breast implantation and over 700 women who were followed for at least 25 years.

Most people would be surprised to learn that women with breast implants would have a lower incidence of breast cancer, but not McLaughlin.  He says "They tend to be thin, have smaller breasts, have children at a younger age, and all of these things are associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer." 


There was an increased risk for lung cancer.  McLaughlin attributes the outcome to the number of women with implants who are smokers, rather than any effects from the implants. 

McLaughlin says that women with breast implants should not be concerned about an increased risk for cancer. "This is one in a series of reassuring study results that shows there is no credible evidence to indicate an excess risk of any form of cancer due to breast implantation, according to Laughlin.  The research will appear in the April 19, 2006 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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