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After Surgery Listen to Music to Relieve Pain - Those Able to Pick the Songs Felt Better - Less Post Operative Analgesics Relievers

April 24th 2006

After Surgery Listen to Music to Relieve Pain - Those Able to Pick the Songs Felt Better - Less Post Operative Analgesics Relievers

Pick your own Music

Patients who listened to music after surgery reported less pain than others, at the same time music also reduced the need for analgesics.  According to a review in the Cochrane Library, the music’s pain-relieving benefits were found to be too small to result in fewer drug-related side effects.

The team, led by surgery Professor M Soledad Cepeda of Javeriana University School of Medicine in Bogota in Colombia, reviewed the results of 14 studies in which 489 surgery patients listened to pre-recorded music.  The post-operative patients rated their pain intensity.

The largest difference in pain reduction between the music and non-music groups was 0.9, on a scale of zero to 10.  The researchers say that the difference is significant, but small. 


The researchers found that the patients that were allowed to choose their music fared better than those who could not.  Music is non-invasive and inexpensive.  Professor Cepeda says “Before we didn’t know if music worked.  Now we know at least for acute postoperative pain that music decreases analgesic requirements and decreases pain intensity.”

The reviewers said that five patients would have to be treated with music to see a reduction in pain and a decrease in analgesic requirements in one person. In comparison, three patients would have to be treated with morphine-like drugs to see pain relief in one.


The researchers stress that music should not be the primary pain reliever.  The researchers said “Music should not be considered as a primary method for pain relief.” 

The exact mechanism is unclear, but scientists speculate that the music distracts or relaxes the patient, offering an analgesic effect.  On a recent Fox News story, Ruth McCaffrey of Florida Atlantic University, who was not involved in the Cochrane review, said patients say music gives them a sense of control during a “regimented, in-hospital recuperation”.

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