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Migraine Headache – New Electrical Stimulator Held Against Head Relieves Symptoms – Magnetic Pulse May Prevent Headaches  

June 23rd, 2006

Migraine Headache – New Electrical Stimulator Held Against Head Relieves Symptoms – Magnetic Pulse May Prevent Headaches  

Migraine Pain Relief medication

Researchers from the Ohio State University Medical Center say that a new experimental device that delivers a strong electrical current creating an intense magnetic field for about one millisecond against the patients head, could be an effective treatment for migraines.  The device appears to be effective in eliminating nausea and vomiting when administered during the onset of the migraine.

The device, called TMS, interrupts the aura phase of the migraine, often described as electrical storms in the brain, before they lead to headaches.  According to the researchers, these Auras are neural disturbances that signal the onset of migraine headaches. 


Yousef Mohammad says “Perhaps the most significant effect of using the TMS device was on the two-hour symptom assessment, with 84 percent of the episodes in patients using the TMS occurring without noise sensitivity. Work functioning also improved, and there were no side effects reported."  Mohammad is the principal investigator of the study and a neurologist at OSU Medical Center.

People who suffer from migraines report “seeing" showers of shooting stars, zigzagging lines, flashing lights, and in some cases loss of vision, weakness, tingling and confusion. Many times these symptoms will lead to intense throbbing head pain, nausea and vomiting.


The researchers believe the stimulator interrupts the aura before it results in a throbbing headache.  "The device's pulses are painless. The patients have felt a little pressure, but that's all," said Mohammad.

"In our study sample, 69 percent of the TMS-related headaches reported to have either no or mild pain at the two-hour post-treatment point compared to 48 percent of the placebo group. In addition, 42 percent of the TMS-treated patients graded their headache response, without symptoms, as very good or excellent compared to 26 percent for the placebo group. These are very encouraging results."


Researchers used to believe that migraines were caused by vascular constrictions which caused the aura, and then lead to vascular dilation that caused the throbbing headache. In the late 90’s research suggested that neuronal electrical hyper excitability resulted in the throbbing headache.  It was this research prompted the development of the TMS device.

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