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Ford Escape Hybrid E85 Car will Run with up to 85% Ethanol Gas Mixture -  Auto Shows

February 8th 2006

Ford Escape Hybrid E85 Car will Run with up to 85% Ethanol Gas Mixture -  Auto Shows

Ford Escape E85 Hybrid

Ford has been doing a lot of advertising for their hybrid Escape lately, but did you know they are also developing an ethanol version?  Ford unveiled their Ford Escape Hybrid E85 at the Washington Auto Show.  This vehicle is being touted as the first hybrid car capable of operating on blends of fuel containing as much as 85 percent ethanol.  That is why they call it the E85.  The E85 means it will run on the 85% ethanol blend fuel.

Ethanol is a renewable fuel resource that can be produced from American-grown corn or sugar beets.  According to the Guage Magazine website “ethanol use releases no fossil-based CO 2, so its use as a fuel in place of gasoline reduces the release of greenhouse gases”.


The new vehicle may have two benefits: A reduction in U.S. dependence on imported oil and it will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   Anne Stevens, executive vice president, Ford Motor Company, and chief operating officer, The Americas said “As a leader in both hybrid vehicles and in vehicles capable of operating on ethanol-based fuels, Ford is the ideal company to bring both technologies together for the first time”, Guage reports.

Basketball legend Magic Johnson was on had to promote the new version Wednesday at the Chicago Auto Show.  The Detroit News reports that Ford claims that if only 5% of the U.S. vehicles ran on ethanol, we would be able to save 140 million barrels of oil per year. 


According to the Detroit News, Ford has plans for other E85 vehicles including the F-150 pickup.  Other regular gas hybrids are available today, and as we have mentioned in previous articles: There is a 2006 tax credit available for a limited number of vehicles. 

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