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RV Rentals - How Much Does It Cost to Rent for A Summer Vacation – Compare Options and Companies to Save Dollars - How To Pick

May 7th 2006

RV Rentals - How Much Does It Cost to Rent for A Summer Vacation – Compare Options and Companies to Save Dollars - How To Pick

Luxury 35 Footer

The new movie R.V. staring Robin Williams has spurred interest in RV Rentals. So how much do these rentals cost and what can you get for your money.  A lot has to do with timing.  When do you want to rent an RV?

RV rentals during the off season can be 70% less than prime vacation time.  Prime vacation time runs from mid-June through mid-August in most parts of the country.  If you are flexible in your vacation timing, many of the rental services offer online price quotes where you can compare dates. 

While shopping you should consider the size and capacity of the RV. RV’s can sleep between 4 and 7 people usually.  Of course the larger the RV, the more it will cost.  Some luxury RVs may cost $500 per day or more.  Other less luxurious RVs may cost as little as $100 per day during prime season. 


Some companies may offer a number of free miles with the rental, and will charge extra for each additional mileage.  Generator usage is closely monitored by some companies and it might cost extra if you go over the allotted limit.

Some rental companies will offer various accessories including an outdoor camping stove and tables, bike racks and bikes, towing accessories, bar-b-q, water rafts and more.  When you consider the price of airline tickets and hotel rooms, these RVs become more affordable.  You will have to provide your own gas just like a car rental.

Rental companies also offer car insurance for your vacation.  There are some advantages to purchasing their insurance.  For one, if you are not used to driving a large vehicle, you are at a higher risk for accident.  If you are involved in an accident, you report the accident to their insurance company, not your own. 


We compared a couple rental companies for a vacation between June 10th and 19th and this is what we came up with.  For a 38’ luxury diesel RV with 4 slide-outs you can expect to pay about $3,906 for the rental.  This will include 900 miles of travel.  Other options may increase the cost.  This RV can sleep 6 people comfortably.

Another company estimated the cost at just a little over $1,000.  The RV would be a self contained 25 foot unit and will sleep five.  This RV could sleep 5 people.  The added mileage cost for 900 miles would be just $261. 


Bring your own bedding and kitchenware to save money. 

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