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The Kama Sutra Virus – Worm will hit Friday – Spyware Backup and Virus Software will Help 

February 1st 2006

The Kama Sutra Virus – Worm will hit Friday – Spyware Backup and Virus Software will Help 

Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra Virus / worm is going to be activated on Friday.  It has been spreading around the world via email, but won’t begin destroying computer files until Friday, February 3rd

There are some things you can do.  First you should back everything up.  There are many backup programs available that automatically back your files up.  This should be done frequently because even without the destructive force of a virus, hard drives can become corrupted and eventually completely fail.

The virus was spread from user to user via email.  The subject is usually about a photo or video.  Here is a short list of attachments you want to watch for: my photos, schoolgirl fantasies gone bad, the best video clip ever, a great video, give me a kiss,*Hot movie*, Fwd: Photo, Fw: Sexy, Fw: Pictures, Miss. Lebanon or please see the file. Never open attachments, unless you are expecting a certain file.


If you receive an attachment, do not click on it.  If you are expecting an attachment from a friend, save the document to the hard drive.  Then you can investigate the document name before opening it.  The problem is that the virus may actually come from a friend, accidentally.  The virus uses the infected systems address book to mail out copies of itself.    

Most experts recommend using at least two types of security software.  First you will want reliable virus software.  Second you will want a spy-ware software program.  Both can be downloaded directly from the internet.  Most will have automatic updates.  It is important that both programs update themselves (hopefully) on a daily basis.


The virus is also known as Nyxem.E, MyWife and Blackworm.  Expect it to start deleting Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files.  If for some reason your computers calendar is set ahead a couple days, the virus will activate early.  According to ZDnet, most of the infected computers are in India, Turkey and Peru. 

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