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Google Serves Most Search Results and Ads - Nielsen Ratings Reports Yahoo and MSN Show Gains As Well

February 7th 2006

Google Serves Most Search Results and Ads - Nielsen Ratings Reports Yahoo and MSN Show Gains As Well

Google Leads Pack

Nielsen//NetRatings Media company compared Yahoo and Google paid search results and found that Google is still leading in the contextual advertising business, although  Yahoo has gained ground since August after launching their publisher network. December is a big month for paid search advertising because the “things” people are searching for pay better. For instance: an ad with the relevant keyword “iPod” will likely pay better than an ad for “politics”.   

Ken Cassar, chief analyst for Nielsen//NetRatings said while consumers' use of search engines also grew last year, the growth in paid search ads doesn't necessarily correlate with the growth in volume of searches, reports Wendy Davis of Media Post Productions.  Not all ad searches pay the same either. 


"Despite the overwhelming market share that Google and Yahoo! search enjoy, they continue to see strong growth in the volume of sponsored links," said Ken Cassar, in a Yahoo Press release. "While Google, in particular, seeks to diversify its revenue, it is a positive sign that its core search advertising business remains robust."

Ebay was the number one ad purchaser for both search firms. The eBay company, Shopping.com, was Google’s number 2 sponsored link advertiser followed by Local.com, Target Stores and Expedia. 


Yahoo enjoyed increased revenue in December as well.  Their number two sponsor was Shopping.com as well, but followed by the University of Phoenix, Lending Tree and Target Stores.

Cassar said “It is becoming increasingly clear that sponsored link advertising is a necessary cost of doing business for e-commerce companies," as reported in Media Post Productions.  Traditional print advertisers will likely start turning to paid search advertising more and more.  We include a couple charts here from data collected from Nielsen//NetRatings Media and listed in the Yahoo press release.

Number of Link Impression (in billions)
  Aug05 Sept 05 Oct 05 Nov 05 Dec 05 Jan 06 6 Month
Google 36.2 34.1 37.4 35.1 38.1 41.1 14%
Yahoo 19.2 20.0 20.7 19.1 25.5 23.2 21%


Yahoo's Top 5 Sponsored Link Advertisers Jan 2006 (US)

Company / Division Advertiser  Sponsored Link Impressions
eBay Inc.  (eBay.com) 537,137,000
Shopping.com  (an eBay Company) 501,195,000
Apollo Group (University of Phoenix) 151,642,000
InterActiveCorp (LendingTree.com) 116,303,000
Target Corporation / Stores 79,013,000
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