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Yammer Worm Attacks Yahoo Email - Virus and Spyware Companies Say the JS-Yammer Is Easy To Remove From Computer

June 14th 2006

Yammer Worm Attacks Yahoo Email - Virus and Spyware Companies Say the JS-Yammer Is Easy To Remove From Computer

Yahoo Mail Affected

The Yamanner worm appears to be contained and has been quarantined by Yahoo.  Yamanner is a new JavaScript worm in what is considered the “wild” that exploits a vulnerability in Yahoo!'s Web-based email program, according to Symantec Security Response.  The worm spreads itself by infiltrating the Yahoo! Email contacts when the user opens an infected email. 

So far it appears only those using @yahoo.com and @yahoogroups.com addresses were impacted by the worm. Yammer also sends these email addresses to a remote server on the Internet. 

The worm exploits a vulnerability that enables scripts embedded in HTML emails to be run by the user's browser.  Normally these scripts are blocked by Yahoo Mail. Symantec says users of Yahoo! Mail Beta do not appear to be vulnerable to JS.Yamanner.


The title of the email has the words New Graphic Site in the subject line.  In the text of the message the words “this is a test” appears.  If the user inadvertently opens the email they will find that the browser window is redirected to display the Web page associated with the http://www.av3.net/index.htm.

The virus is easy to remove with Symantec and other virus software.  It is important to keep the software up to date. 

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