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Fusion Workout, Home Gyms and Exercise Videos expected to be Popular for 2006  

January 6th 2006

Fusion Workout, Home Gyms and Exercise Videos expected to be Popular for 2006  

Variety in Workout

Home gyms are expected to be very popular this year.  The AB Lounge and Bowflex have both started major advertising campaigns.  Many busy people do not have the time to hit the gym after a long day of work.

Other concerns pop-up when considering going to the gym.  According to the News in Science Website “Past outbreaks of the antibiotic-resistant skin infection have been seen in groups such as athletes and intravenous drug users - people who live in close quarters and share things like gym equipment and towels, or needles.”

Hillary Swank developed a serious drug resistant staphylococcus cellulitis infection on her foot while filming Million Dollar Baby.  In Swank's case, it started with a blister on her foot, resulting in "red marks going up my leg," and was extremely painful, she told Mike Wallace on CBS's 60 Minutes.  In her quest for fitness, she picked the painful illness up (and possible life threatening) off the floor of a gym. 


Some speculate that home fitness and home gyms will become more popular in 2006.  One fitness method is becoming more popular.  Fitness fusion is becoming more popular because it takes the boredom out of a workout, and with various videos can be done in the privacy of your home. 

The fusion workout mixes strength training with endurance.  It targets a variety of things including balance, stability, agility and more.  The technique combines moves from yoga, Palates, boot camp, ballet, cardio, boxing, cycling and swimming.  Each day you challenge your muscles in different ways, thus keeping yourself from getting bored.

Fusion classes have become popular in large cities.  Now video workouts are becoming available hoping to capitalize on the home gym/fitness market.  Since not all instructors are “qualified” to teach every discipline, videos may offer a better variety of exercises. 

Some of the stranger Fusion workouts may include Cardio Striptease, Disco Yoga, Cycle Karaoke, HydroRide, and the Survivor Workout.


The Fusion Workout may include the use of a resistance band involving Yoga moves you can do at home.  The band will add resistance to your training. 

When you consider what you will pay for a year’s membership to a gym, home gym equipment and videos begin to look more affordable.  You may want to start out buying some dumb-bells, and some aerobics videos.  Then add a Pilates Ball and treadmill.  Given enough time you will have created your ultimate home gym.      

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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