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Travel Agent and Tour Operators - Current Trends in Tour Operator Systems - Computer Software TOPAX Review

March 22nd, 2006

Travel Agent and Tour Operators - Current Trends in Tour Operator Systems - Computer Software TOPAX Review


For the Tour Operator, the fast paced world of managing thousands of tasks at the same time can be daunting. Current trends in the integrated / travel agency software and systems designs have led to far-reaching conclusions about the now and future direction of tour operator systems. Many agree that full integration, automation and simplicity are the only reasonable strategies to boost tour operations life cycle efficiency.

Using single data entry to generate multiple documents to customer & vendors, reduce or eliminate capital burden in investing on new software or upgrading your existing software, or upgrade software to fully integrate and customize your specific operation. If efficiency and profitability are goals, then a commitment of moving forward, into the future of simple clarity and intelligent integration must be made. If that commitment has been made, either long ago or even right this minute, it would be wise to consider TOPAX Management.


Based on state-of-the-art technology, TOPAX Management provides technically advanced concepts in software design and practical expertise in the tour operators industries. Offered from the industry leader, Formula Travel Solution (FTS), TOPAX Management is the cutting-edge technology end-to-end system solution for your Tour Operator System. It is fully integrated, offers real-time sales support from experts that have worked in the Industry and offers many encompassing service managerial tools including reservations and management of planning, quoting, booking, costing, pricing, inventory, allotment, document printing, accounting and reporting.


A virtual one-stop-shopping platform for your customers, the system allows full access to make bookings, receive confirmations, process online transactions, print documents and much more. All performed with minimal entries and full automation. Building a PNR has never been so forthright, as all services are available from a single user screen. This allows constant updates to your customers with new products, special offers and price changes. As a result, they can offer truly independent comprehensive service to their clients, no matter if it is charter or schedule flights, individual or group packages, late availability or special prices.

As a fully integrated system, developed especially for travel experts, that covers all the phases of operational business, TOPAX Management provides the full spectrum of Tour Operator functions necessary for efficient, high-quality and profitable operation; from product planning through inventory management, sales activities, distribution, communications and accounting, to post-sale analysis.


TOPAX Management handles both inbound and outbound operations in a single software package, tailor-made to suit your needs. It provides extensive pricing, costing and quotation generation capabilities. Multiple levels of taxes and commissions can be calculated automatically and special price lists can be produced for specific customers.

From FIT hotel room, flight or package, to any other travel product, including group booking and complex trips, TOPAX Management is a powerful and robust solution, offering operators unparalleled functionality. Through its remarkable ease of use, intuitive graphical user interface and automated process and workflow, it makes all of your employees travel experts. A trip-centric, multiple reservation display and a flexible relational database, significantly increases your operators' productivity. The system also contains Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions and comprehensive hotel and destination information, including on-line brochures.

TOPAX Management has proven to be an essential tool and a critical refinement for operation in an increasingly dynamic market. With the highest technology application available in the industry today, it enables expeditious and effective augmentation of existing and future operations. It is, in fact, the current and future trend in Tour Operator Systems today.

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This article was written by http://www.formula-travel.com/. Formula Travel Solutions is the leading technology provider of advanced tour operator software and Airline Systems.  Formula Travel offers the most comprehensive technology solutions for Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Airlines.


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