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Charter Airline Management - Online Booking Software for Low-Cost Budget Airlines

March 23rd, 2006

Charter Airline Management - Online Booking Software for Low-Cost Budget Airlines


The fast pace of low cost and charter airlines management can be a great source of frustration and stress for those that perform endless and countless manual tasks. In today’s modern and powerful whirlwind business of technology and source information management, there is a solution that allows companies to maintain high quality service, to improve productivity and to efficiently use a single unified system, at all company branches.

The system software is an online booking system for low cost and charter airlines, which includes IT management, enabling administrative land and air components in the same core system. Concurrently, dynamic new services can be added and immediately respond to market trends, gaining a truly competitive edge. The solution is offered from Formula Travel Solutions (FTS). It is the AMSYS 2000 software system.


FTS has earned its reputation as a leading software house by its commitment to the development of high quality products. They have accumulated vast and valuable know-how and experience in Information Systems state-of-the-art technology in airline and travel industry commercial operation. This IT and sales support, know-how and products are successfully distributed on five continents. Its distinguished clients include 50 airlines and tour operators all over the world.

Considered a top of the line software solution for Low Cost and Charter airlines, AMSYS 2000 offers exceptional value and great performance. An on line booking software that is comprehensible, offers real-time sales support, reservations and management. Based on technically advanced computer technology, it provides advanced concepts in software design and practical experience in the low cost and charter airlines industries.


AMSYS includes all the commercial, operational, and administrative aspects of the airline reservation system, providing the necessary costing, pricing, accounting and control tools. It also comprises booking facilities for hotel rooms, packages, tours, cars, transfers and more. Fully integrated, Internet and Intranet enabled B2B/B2C websites, communication by XML interface with the core management system.

AMSYS maintains a flexible database for handling the different products, inventories, allotments, reservations, management control and reporting. AMSYS includes innovative monitoring tools, allowing the optimization of the operations, assuring the highest level of customer care. Modern interfaces improve user-friendliness and efficiency.


AMSYS 2000 is the software solution for technical integration of a modern airline management system and a unique powerful Internet distribution platform. The software system will help you to deliver, maintain, and even increase high quality service, productivity and efficiency, and do it by using a single unified system.

Formula Travel Solutions offers other technical management products and solutions as well. The company's main products are; AMSYS 2000 - Airline Management System for airlines and TOPAX Management - An End-to-End solution for Tour Operators and wholesalers.

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This article was written by http://www.formula-travel.com/. Formula Travel Solutions is the leading technology provider of advanced tour operator software and Airline Systems.  Formula Travel offers the most comprehensive technology solutions for Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Airlines.


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