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The Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss - Diets that Work Keep Pounds off

March 14th 2006

The Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss - Diets that Work Keep Pounds off

Article Author

Do you ever feel like losing weight is impossible or seems like a constant battle?  Do you feel like every fad diet or diet pill is long on promises and short on results?  Well, you don’t have to worry about that, because I’m going to tell you up front that this plan will probably be short on results?  What??! Why would I say that? I’ll tell you why….

I’m not going to promise that you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days.  It very well may be possible for you to do that, but I’ll just let you be pleasantly surprised by your own results! 

The reason that I’m not going to make that promise is because I don’t need to! That’s right…I don’t need to.  First of all, I’m not interested in having you lose 30 pounds in 30 days only to see you turn around and put it all back on…or more!


Instead what I’d like to do is give you an easy step-by-step plan to lose the weight and keep it off.  I’ll share with you one easy step that will get you on the road to getting the weight off and, just as important, keeping it off!  But first, keep reading to understand how and why weight loss is more achievable with less effort!

If I were to tell you that you could lose 5 or 10 pounds in the next couple of weeks by just doing one simple action, would you try it?  Let’s say I were to give you a simple action that you could easily do every day that required literally almost NO effort, and you went about your normal everyday life and you could lose anywhere from 5-10 pounds in two weeks, would you be willing to give it a try? 


The reason you want put only a small effort toward losing weight is very simple: trying to do too much, too soon will make you want to give up!  I’ve seen over and over and I’ve experienced it first hand ­ if you try to do too much, pretty soon you won’t want to do anything!  I learned that while I “fad dieted” my way to over 290 pounds before losing 130 pounds.

So, KEY #1 is:

1. Bust ONE vice at a time!

(Even if you’re trying to lose those last five pounds, you should only make a small amount of additional effort!)

Lose Weight By Busting ONE Vice at a time!


So now that you know not to put much effort toward weight loss, what makes a little bit of effort work for losing weight?  In other words, how can you do just one simple action that requires very little effort and expect to lose weight?

The reason that one simple action can and will work for losing weight is this: consistency! That’s right, if you were to do one thing that was easy and simple that requires very little effort, but you did it everyday, you would giving yourself the opportunity to lose a significant amount of weight!

It may seem unrealistic but it’s true!  I’ve put this theory to test myself and with countless others and we’ve all gone on to lose weight and feel great! (Which makes it more than theory, I guess!)  You have to admit that no matter what you do, no matter what part of your life we’re talking about, you can make some pretty great things happen if you did one positive action consistently!   A child learns how to hit a baseball well by practicing swinging the bat everyday.  He or she also learns how to kick a ball well by doing it everyday.  And… it’s fun!!  You will have fun losing weight when you know that it can be done easily and with less effort!

Identify ONE “vice” that needs busting and make that your only focus for now.

So KEY #2 is:

2.  Be consistent.

So all you have to do is to bust ONE vice and do so consistently it each day and you can WILL lose (remember, I’m not making crazy promises!) 5-10 pounds in about two or three weeks!  This is only a couple of weeks we’re talking about.  What if you were to continue doing this one simple action for a month?  Or how about two?  Is it possible that you could lose more?  Of course it is.  But let’s not get carried away.  I don’t want to make some outrageous claim of 30 pounds in 30 days ­ you want to keep the weight off don’t you??? 

Well, in order to get to the point where you have lost the weight and LOOK GREAT, you MUST first consider what you’re doing (or are going to do!) to lose weight and answer one very important question.  Read on…

Make it Part of Your Life!

There is something very interesting when it comes to losing weight that you probably haven’t heard before.  Most programs are so focused on the foods you need to eat and how much, when, in what combination ­ you know the story ­ and on and on, that they forget about YOU!  What about you and your life?  Don’t you have better things to do than to change everything about what you eat and how much and when, and to make sure you’re doing it correctly everyday?!  Starting today and from now on!?  I bet not.  For me, that kind of approach didn’t last more than a few days.  What are fad diets and diet pills forgetting when I say they’re forgetting about YOU? 

They’re forgetting about the real world ­ that is, your everyday life where you are faced with decisions, tasks, chores, carpool, doctors appointments, grocery shopping, car repairs, sick children, school functions, family get-togethers, weddings, receptions, funerals, and so on and so on.  You have to consider the fact that there are many variables that will always be present.  You want to stay fit right?  But you also want it to be easy enough to do so that you can still go about your normal life, right?  Well, that is possible!

What does this mean?  It means that in order for any weight loss plan to work, it must consider that we’re all busy and more importantly we all are in the habit of doing what we do!

So, KEY #3 is: 

(You must be able to answer YES to this question!)

3. Is it something you can do for the rest of your life?

Let’s be honest, do you really want to try and lose your weight in an unrealistic amount of time, where failing does nothing but erode your confidence and passion?  OR would you like to lose all the weight you need to lose in a realistic amount of time AND keep it off for the rest of your life!?!  I hope you said keep it off, (otherwise my job is done!). 

Obviously whatever you do to lose weight is going to be something that you want to keep doing if you want to keep the weight off right?  So since you answered YES to the above question, then I presume it comes as no surprise that this action is a healthy one and needs to be developed into a positive habit in your life! You never reintroduce a vice once it has been busted,vice busting is forever!  Let's summarize these 3 important keys...

3 KEYS to successful weight loss:

1. Bust ONE Vice!

2. Be consistent!

3. Believe it is permanent!

The beauty of this approach is that you’ll never feel like you’redeprived!  This is the gradual, most effective approach to permanent weight loss!   Once you have lost 5-10 pounds, you’ll feel empowered to add a second simple action and in a matter of weeks you’ll be down another 5-10 pounds! And best of all, busting ONE vice and doing will well will better help you stick with your chosen eating plan from eDiets.com!

For more on “Vice Busting” visit www.LifeChanger.us
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