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How to start a Baby Shower Gift Basket Business - Five Top Tips For Making A Diaper Cake

March 15th, 2006

Baby Shower Gift Home Business - Five Top Tips For Making A Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake

Diaper Cakes are becoming more popular for baby showers and newborn gift ideas. These cakes, which offer everything a new mom needs for her new bundle of joy, can make any baby shower unforgettable. Not only do they leave a lasting impression, but the new mother can use every item in the cake, from the blankets to the diapers, thus providing a fun and useful gift for the proud mom-to-be.  You can make them a three layer to just a one layer depending on the size gift you want to send.

Here are top five tips to making a diaper cake.

Fill your cakes with items you know the mother will be using. Diapers and blankets we all know, but items like baby lotions, powder, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, bottom balm, or Vaseline. You may also include a bottlebrush, baby bottle, scratch mittens and so on.


Choose quality products when you can. I use Luvs diapers as they are bigger and make your cake more stable. Blanket size does matter. Keep that in mind when deciding on the size of your cake. For example, 7, 8, 10, or 12 29x29 will give you an 8 cake and  30 x 40 will give you an 12 cake, a burp cloth will give you an 7 (they have really cute and colorful burp clothes out now) for a 10 this size is in between so you can use a 30 x 40 and just bring in one end a little more to make it a 10.

Make sure you wrap cake as this will deter others form touching or moving items around. Use cellophane wrap or cellophane bags, or tulle. Use lots of curly ribbon makes your cakes look so pretty.


Have fun and create your own style everyone has their own. Themed cakes are very popular (Disney). Also if the sex of baby is unknown don't fear...mix it up a bit go with neutral colors. If you know the babies room color that is even better.

If your choosing this as a business-congrats. Making diaper cakes for a living is so much fun and very rewarding. A few starter tips are: Have professional pictures taken of your cakes. Use these as a portfolio and put them in a book for show and tell. Have business cards made up and brochures. Set your pricing. Tell everyone about your cakes. It is the best time start as many people in your city have more then likely not even heard of a diaper cake.


To learn more about making diaper cakes for fun or profit or to order a diaper cake go to http://www.makeadiapercake.biz.

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Barb Ireland is the founder of Make A Diapercake biz, http://www.makeadiapercake.biz


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