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Selling Digital Photos - How to Buy a Digital Camera

February 6th, 2006

Selling Digital Photos - How to Buy a Digital Camera


Customers Worldwide are looking for photos to sell their goods/services right NOW.  You can sell photos from your digital camera.

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These articles will tell you how and where to sell them.  There are several ways to do this but the most common is through a photolibrary.  You need at least a 6 Megabyte camera or people won't look at your pictures.


The biggest thing to hit Stock Photography since the start of Photography.  Publishers are now able to bypass the whole scanning process and make major savings.  Fuji, Canon, and Nikon are the most commonly used pro Digital cameras.


Presuming that you are taking SHARP, COLORFUL, INTERESTING photos,  there is no reason why YOU can't make money from Stock. (Bigger is better and most Stock Photo Agencies insist on a 50 Megabyte picture size.)

BEWARE of claimed picture sizes - some 12Mb cameras are actually 6Mb cameras with fancy software to make the picture expand in the camera!  (You can increase the picture size to 50 Mb in Genuine Fractals or Adobe Photoshop programs but you should start with at least a 6Mb file.)


This seems a lot but it's only just enough to print a HIGH QUALITY 2 page magazine spread.  Customers want to illustrate THEIR product, article, service or news item.  

You have to put yourself in the customers place before you even take the picture.  Consider WHERE the picture will sell before you take it.  See the pictures on my website for examples.

Next article in the series of Selling Digital Photos : What are the most Popular Stock Photos

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About the Author: Keith Jones

Resource Section: Keith Jones has been a Stock and Travel Photographer for over 40 years.  His Website is at http://www.fotos4web.com  Where you'll find lots of his photos and articles.This article may be freely reproduced in print or on the world wide web providing :This resource section  is also published intact  and the article is not altered in any way.


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