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Selling Digital Photos - What are the most Popular Stock Photos

February 6th, 2006

Selling Digital Photos - How to Buy a Digital Camera


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Cameras and what to buy

There are many pages about buying a Digital Camera on my website see resource section.  Fuji Canon and Nikon are the most commonly used pro Digital camera.  You really do need a Single Lens Reflex camera for stock.  A zoom lens of 28mm to 200 or 300mm is best.

First you need to know WHAT to photograph.

THE MOST SALEABLE subjects are :


LIFESTYLE : Family pictures of ATTRACTIVE people doing fun and interesting things (also things like shopping or choosing a house or automobile)

APPEALING ANIMALS - young animals (especially puppies and kittens) sell well.  Go to your local Zoo for exotic baby animals.


ANYTHING MONEY RELATED- Still Life, luxury items, expensive cars, people on holiday.

MEMORIES - things from the past that made YOU happy - child on a swing, fairground, playing with puppies, days out etc.

CAPITAL CITIES of the World - ICONIC postcard-style views still sell.(look at the postcards for the viewpoint !) Beaches and famous views are popular.

BACKGROUNDS - every ad or commercial needs a background.  Sand, beaches, leaves, hillsides - NOT DISTRACTING things!

CHILDREN- happy smiling children's faces and activities- NEVER NUDE CHILDREN (or you'll have the police round to see you.)


PEOPLE should always be DOING SOMETHING - like kissing, gardening, sports, hobbies, etc.

FILL THE FRAME with the subject.

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About the Author: Keith Jones

Resource Section:

Keith Jones has been a Stock and Travel Photographer for over 40 years

His Website is at http://www.fotos4web.com

Where you'll find lots of his photos and articles.

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