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Digital Camera Accessories for Macro Photography

January 11th, 2006

Digital Camera Accessories for Macro Photography

example of macro photography

Macro photography, or extreme close-up photography, is often easier to accomplish using digital SLR cameras with smaller sensor sizes that effectively magnify the image. The best way to get these close-up images is with some special digital camera accessories.

Digital cameras are great for photographing small stuff for any reason—from pure artistic expression to insurance records. If you have a collection of jewelry, stamps or butterflies, or you're just fascinated by the frost pattern on your windows, macro photography is for you.

The strict definition for macro photography means the image size is 1:1 or greater, that is, the image you create in the camera is the same size, or larger than, the object you are photographing. However, just getting super-close so you can see objects in ways you may not be able to see normally is not as difficult as it sounds and can be a lot of fun.


Digital cameras with larger sensors might require macro extension tubes to achieve the same degree of magnification, depending on the lens you are using. Fortunately such digital camera accessories are widely available and relatively inexpensive.

Other camera accessories you might find useful are a sturdy tripod and a basic lighting kit if you’re shooting small products like ceramics, jewelry, crystal, and arts and crafts items. Another lighting camera accessory is a type of flash unit called a ring light, which fits around the lens and produces almost shadowless images.


And still another camera accessory for shooting close-ups in the field are Photoflex light disks, small translucent discs that fold down to about 4 inches and are easy to carry in your pocket, but when unfolded (12 inches is a popular size) and held between the sun and your subject, remove harsh shadows and smooth the lighting out beautifully.

You can take great close-up shots if you have the right digital camera accessories
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Author: Rod MacTaggart



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