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The Bush Administration Realizes the War in Iraq will not Prevent Another Attack Against the US

January 19th 2006

The Bush Administration Realizes the War in Iraq will not Prevent Another Attack Against the US

Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden threatens new attacks against the US but is also willing to negotiate, according to an audiotape aired on Al-Jazeera today. White House spokesman Scott McClellan said "We do not negotiate with terrorists."   McClellan went on to say that Bin Laden "was clearly on the run."

The White House has not said whether the voice on the tape is Osama Bin Laden, but Associated Press is reporting that the CIA has determined that the voice was that of the fugitive terrorist.  The administration is evaluating whether to increase the national threat level.

Will the war in Iraq prevent a further attack against the US?  Vice President Dick Cheney in a CNBC interview on Kudlow and Company admits it may not.  He said that this tape is a reminder that a “serious threat“ to the United States remained.

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Many Americans believe that the terrorists would like to see Americans lose their freedom.  The Vice President is aiding the terrorists in that goal by attacking our liberty with new legislation.  He went on to plead for more Federal power, advocating the extension of the Patriot Act.

The VP must have expected the US to be attacked every year because he said that "There are reasons why we haven't been attacked in four-and-a-half years, it's not just dumb luck."   Doesn’t he realize that it was 10 years between attacks by foreign terrorists?

The administration is confused and mistaken.  They somehow believe there is a military solution to terrorism.  Professor Beau Grosscup at California State University in Chico recommends a different approach.  He is the author of “the Newest Explosions of Terrorism: Latest Sites of Terrorism in the 1990’s” and makes the case against this neo-conservative approach to protecting the US from more attacks.

Beau asks, “If history shows that a violent response to an act of terrorism begets more terrorism, then why is a violent response the predominant choice of experts and politicians of the world?”  I agree with the professor when he says we should listen to the grievances of the terrorists.

The solution to the problems in Northern Ireland were not solved until the two sides sat down and negotiated.  Professor Grosscup believes the terror problems facing the US and Britain can be solved the same way.

He told this columnist that “Only time will tell if a pure military solution that depends a great deal on dropping bombs from the sky on civilians will not work or will only exacerbate the 'problem.' “  Neither of us will hold our breath though.  Join the Discussion on our Forum.


By Tom Madison
Freelance Writer

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