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Massachusetts Experiment in Socialized Medicine - Republicans May Spend Hundreds of Millions To Make Sure Everyone Is Insured - Politics

April 5th 2006

Massachusetts Experiment in Socialized Medicine - The State May Spend Hundreds of Millions To Make Sure Everyone Is Insured

Quest for Nanny State

The Massachusetts legislature is looking at a bill that would require universal health insurance.  According to William C. Symonds of Business week the plan “marries conservative and liberal ideas.”  According to Symonds, every state resident will be required to have health insurance.  The bill will include an individual mandate. 

Amazingly, Republican Governor Mitt Romney calls this a conservative victory.  Romney considers himself a moderate republican and is expected to run for President in 2008.  I have to ask, “What has happened to the Republican Party?”  Sure, republicans tout individual responsibility, but this is not the same thing.  This is government force.  This is a case where one bad law leads to more bad laws.  What bad law is that, you ask?  The law that puts the burden on the taxpayer for medical payments.  Hospitals should be allowed to turn people away for whatever reason they wish. 


Why is this a bad idea?  Because it involves the government more in health care, not less.  But this has been the pattern of the Republican Party lately.  They favor a nanny state to help protect and take care of people.  They feel that they can solve problems by throwing money at it. 

The Massachusetts bill involves large subsidies to help low-income individuals buy health insurance.  It sounds like the insurance companies had a hand in crafting this legislation. Plus, the state of Massachusetts is trying to create a workers paradise similar to France by forcing (again, the Republicans love to force people to do things) employers with 11 or more workers to help pay for their health insurance.  Maybe France and Massachusetts can become trading partners?  They call this the employer mandate. 

So what will be the outcome of such legislation, if it is to become law? There is not many companies moving to France right now. I expect the same thing to happen to Massachusetts.  There will likely be a lot of companies with just 10 people in them and unemployment will rise.


Since the government is involved, the cost of health insurance will likely rise faster than the nation as a whole.  Eventually quality will go down and prices will go up.  Think about it this way, if everyone had to buy a newspaper every day, and the government regulated the number of companies allowed to sell newspapers, will the paper cost more than 25 cents or less?  My bet is that it will cost more.

Sometimes the American people want a nanny state to take care of them.  The Republicans are always ready to step up to the plate and use government force to do so.  Massachusetts Senate President said “The eyes of the nation are on us.”  He is right; we will all be watching to see how their experiment in Marxism works out.  Comment on this at our Forum

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By Tom Madison
Freelance Writer

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