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Iraq War - Have Americans Lost Their Empathy?

June 21st, 2006

Iraq War - Have Americans Lost Their Empathy?


When Saddam was accused of crimes against the Kurds, many Americans believed it without hesitation.  Those very same Americans are dumbfounded when Iraqis are quick to judge American soldiers accused of crimes in Iraq.  They say things like “We should not be quick to judge our soldiers” or “the media has convicted the soldiers without a trial”.

Has politics become a football game?  Even when the invasion and occupation has become such an obvious mistake, there are still those who will support it.  There are Americans who blindly support the President, similar to the way some Germans blindly supported Hitler.  I think the biggest problem with people is that they can’t empathize with other people. 


Many people believe the true Iraqi patriots are the ones collaborating with the United States.  They believe that the true patriots in Iraq are the ones that are spying on their fellow countrymen.  Is that what they would do if the United State were invaded and occupied by another country?  Obviously, that is what they are saying they would do.

Recently Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was asked if there are more terrorists in Iraq now than when we first invaded. He said he did not know.  When the war first started, most of the terror attacks were committed by insurgents who entered the country.  Now reports indicate the most of the terror attacks are perpetrated by Iraqis.


Before the war we would rarely hear about Iraqis perpetrating terror attacks.  In fact the September 11th hijackings were done by Saudis, Egyptians and a few others.  None were Iraqi.  But things have changed.  The recent bombings in Jordan were perpetrated by Iraqis.  The captured woman was the sister of a slain Iraqi who was killed by the Americans.  Would she have traveled to Jordan to commit the act of terror if the US had not invaded?  Likely not.

There may be more terrorists in Iraq now than before the invasion.  Think about it, if the US were invaded and the invaders killed your son or daughter, would you continue to collaborate with the invader?  Even if the invader apologized and said it was an accident, I bet you would still be angry.  You might even take up arms against the invaders.

So who are the true patriots in Iraq?  Are they the Iraqis that are collaborating with the US, or are they the ones planting the IEDs?  If you answer they are the ones collaborating with the US, then you have lost your ability to empathize.
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Tom Madison
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