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The disastrous Presidency of George Bush – Would Gore Have Been Better In Hindsight?  War in Iraq – Embryonic Stem Cell Research

July 27th 2006

The disastrous Presidency of George Bush – Would Gore Have Been Better In Hindsight?  War in Iraq – Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Bring Back Gridlock

Although I didn’t vote for either candidate, when George Bush beat out Al Gore for President, both my wife and I were extremely happy.  I remember that night as we both high-fived each other and were extremely happy Gore lost.  We all worried the next day when the election votes in Florida were in doubt.     

Since then we have seen what a Republican congress and White House can do together, and it is not pretty.  The deficit with wild spending is still out of control and we have a conflict in progress with no end in sight. 


So would Gore have been better.  With hindsight, I think so.  It takes a year or two for exact (or at least more exact) deficit numbers to come in, but so far it appears Clinton was a fiscal conservative compared to President Bush.  In fact, now that the figures are in, President Clinton was far more conservative than President Reagan (who’s proposed budgets were in line with what congress actually passed).  Comment on this article at our Forum

Sure, Gore may have pushed a more extreme environmental agenda than we would have liked, but he probably would have allowed embryonic stem cell research funding.  There is very little funding in the private sector for this promising new research. 


I doubt a President Gore would have involved us in the quagmire known as Iraq.  There are so many negatives involve in this war.  The most blatant negative effect is the contempt and resentment generated against the United States generated by US service men killing Iraqis.  We have already seen what those with anger towards the US can do, and this puts the lives of innocent Americans at risk in the future.

It is pretty rare that I vote for either a Democrat or Republican.  In fact, I don’t remember ever voting for a Democrat, but I did vote for Tom McClintock (R) for governor here in California.  Since I don’t live in Florida or Ohio, it doesn’t really matter who I voted for. But maybe we all should beg those that do live in the swing states to keep gridlock between the White House and Congress.   

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Tom Madison
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