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The Top 10 Reasons to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

January 17th 2006

The Top 10 Reasons to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

Work From Home

You've seen the commercials: medical transcriptionists are in high demand.  Should you consider this field?  Below are the top ten best reasons to become a medical transcriptionist.  If these characteristics are something you're looking for in a job, then medical transcription may be for you.  To get started, try “Working at Home the American Way in Medical Transcription” by Debra Jan Hebert, an experienced (http://medtrans4u.com) medical transcriptionist.

10.     Quick entry

Many lucrative professions require extensive training and advanced degrees.  Other jobs in the medical field can take eight or more years of grueling, expensive schooling to begin. 


In medical transcription, you can begin your work in a year or less, avoiding huge debts and student loans.  Some employers require no training, especially not if you already have good English skills and some experience in a medical field.

9.      Contribute to society

As a medical transcriptionist, you can contribute to society in many ways.  In addition to the economic contributions you'll make to the overall economy, experienced medical transcriptionists become well-versed enough to catch errors or even act as patient advocates.  Medical transcriptionists can see inconsistencies and correct them as well.  By quickly returning transcripts to hospitals, private practices and individual doctors, medical transcriptionists can ensure fast patient care in the medical system.

8.      Work from home
        While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 70% of medical transcriptionists still work in hospitals or physicians' offices, medical transcription is becoming increasingly popular as a work-from-home profession.  The convenience of a home office appeals to some people on its own virtues, while parents may value the opportunity to stay close to their young children and still support the family full time.  No matter what the reason, if you're looking to work from home, you should seriously consider medical transcription.

7.      Excellent pay

        While compensation methods may vary, almost all medical transcriptionists enjoy excellent pay, even in entry-level positions.  According to (http://medtrans4u.com) DJS Enterprises, you can earn as much as $50,000 to $80,000 a year as a medical transcriptionist.  If your pay is production-based, as you gain more experience and dexterity in medical transcription your salary will steadily increase.  If you're looking for a job that can really support your family working from home, medical transcription may be for you.


6.      Job security

        The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook for medical transcriptionists is definitely positive.  The medical transcription field is expected to grow at a faster than average rate through the year 2014.  This indicates that medical transcriptionists will have plenty of opportunities to find steady work, even if they work at home on a freelance basis for at least another 8 years.

5.      Job satisfaction

        While job satisfaction may vary from job to job and person to person, if you enjoy being able to visibly track the progress you've made in a day, medical transcription can bring you a high level of job satisfaction.  As your completed medical reports pile up, you'll be able to see how much you've accomplished.

4.      Set your own hours

        Most of the medical industry operates 24 hours a day.  Many hospital and at-home medical transcriptionists are able to set their own hours at any time to accommodate their families or other commitments.  No matter when you're able to work, there's a medical record waiting to be transcribed.

In medical transcription, you can work when it's most convenient for you.


3.      Comfortable work environment

        Whether they work in a hospital, a private office or from home, medical transcriptionists enjoy a comfortable work environment.  Noise levels are low, safety risks are minimal and strenuous labor is negligible.  In medical transcription, you'll enjoy a comfortable office and dedicated work station to transcribe.  And what could be more comfortable than working in your own home?

2.      Transferable skills

        Medical transcriptionists acquire many transferable skills that they can use in other jobs if ever they want to leave the industry.  In addition to a basis in the medical field, transcriptionists learn skills that could apply as a court reporter or an administrative assistant.  Transcriptionists also develop their English skills, which can be useful in all types of positions that involve writing and editing.  Whether medical transcription is a step on your path or your dream job, the skills you learn can improve your overall career outlook.

1.      Rewarding work

        Why do people become doctors?  The vast majority of the people who endure 8 or more years of schooling and incur substantial debts and student loans to become doctors do so because they love to help people and to cure them of their illnesses.  Every member of the medical field helps in this endeavor.  What could be more rewarding than to contribute to the speedy treatment of people who desperately need your help?

If these ten things sound like characteristics you're looking for in a job, look into medical transcription.    You can learn more about medical transcription from books, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other materials online.

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By Jordan McCollum
Jordan McCollum is a content writer for 10x Marketing, an Internet marketing firm.  To learn more about medical transcription, read “Working at Home the American Way in Medical Transcription” by Debra Jan Hebert, an experienced medical transcriptionist.

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