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How rich get richer with residual income?

April 30th 2006

How rich get richer with residual income?


First, what is residual income and how it works?  Residual income is the earnings that you continue to receive after your initial sale from companies offering this program. In other words, residual income is an effortless earning resulting from your sales efforts in the past.

Residual income accrues on a frequent basis usually on a monthly period. Members under you called downline generate the earnings known as residual income. More members in the downline means more income. Each member in every company with the residual income plan holds a position. In every organization members come and go or stay for variety of reasons, but positions remain. Holding your position in your company is the key to get the desired results.

The network of members in companies with residual income plan is called matrix.


Depending on positions and the number of membersí downlin, funds are dispersed among the members. Members with no downline receive no greens but still have to pay membership fee in order to stay in the matrix. Members with bigger downline receive fatter checks even when they are asleep! By getting paid over and over many times just from your downline, you can claim that you are earning residual income! This is one of the secrets how rich get richer.

There is another form of residual income that is called interest income. I donít think I need to go on details on this subject, simply having cash and lots of it and earning interest while deposited into an interest earning account. If you have this kind of money and you still want to earn other form of residual income, welcome and letís be friends!

To earn a little over $4000 a month with the average of 5% interest rate, you need to have cash in the sum of $1,000,000 (one million).


How long do you think you can work for somebody to save that kind of money? How much can you make annually: $15,000?  50,000?  70,000?  100.000? It doesnít matter, you can not save enough to earn residual income from interest income to live your desired life, besides, you must show up to work everyday all the time and listen to your bossís orders or work your butt off in your money losing or little earning small business. You cannot have that financial freedom in your dreams, not even close and you cannot have the type of lifestyle you always wanted.

There are millionaires who are earning tremendous amounts of residual income for years after years and that only make them richer and richer. Many of them began with very small amount ($50 or $60) and in the meanwhile learned how to do it right. These days $10,000 or $20,000 and more are not even important for them to mention.


With the first form of the residual income, you donít have to show up to work to earn a paycheck. Your paychecks come to you no matter what, even when you are asleep!

But donít take me wrong, I donít mean that paychecks come to you for the rest of your life. This is not true if you donít do the right things and if you donít take the right steps, your residual income pay checks may eventually fades away, so it is better not to sleep too long though dreams are too sweet sometimes!

If you really believe you deserve a better life, you must discover those right steps and follow them vigorously. Remember, it is you and only you who can make the difference. It is only you who can design your future and your destiny.

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By Alexa Nickels
Alexa Nickels is a respected online educator specializing in helping other people earn quick and easy residual income streams on the Internet. To learn more and get instant access to Alexa's free residual income streams newsletter visit: http://www.pluginproducts.com   Contact Alexa

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