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Hoodia Supplements - Patented Hoodia Chewing Gum

June 1st, 2006

Hoodia Supplements - Patented Hoodia Chewing Gum

Hoodia being packaged

Anna Nicole Smith lost 69lb with a product that contained Hoodia!

No More Taking Diet Pills Though, As New Proven Weight Loss Secret Revealed By Industry Leaders in Two New Products.

Herbal diet manufacturers specializing in Hoodia Gordonii proven weight loss products have pinpointed a real secret winner in chewing gum that has a powerful added active weight loss ingredient.

Two new products are finally unveiled by one of the industry leaders, Dietary Formulae Inc. We interviewed the sales director, Fay Thompson of Dietary Formulae Inc in January 2006 after learning the secret success with the new chewing gum to help you loose weight.


Fay told us that her company had been developing diet gum for the past 2 years, using Hoodia as the main ingredient. She went on to say that the gum has a soft mint flavour and is cold pressed rather than boiled to avoid destroying the active ingredients with heat.

The Hoodia gum is made using 3 layers of gum, sandwiching the active and then pressed together to form the oval shape. Using Hoodia powder at 20mg per piece of gum, dieters can chew the gum as often as they like and this stops any hunger feelings between meals.

The other active that will be available in gum and in tablets is Cha de Bugre found in the rain forests of Brazil. Cha de Bugre has been used for many years in Brazil as an appetite suppressant, it also is said to help stop cellulite and good for the heart.


Fays excitement she says is due to the 1000's of successful users of the Hoodia diet pill over the past 4 years and now made into a gum will become a better way to diet.

The gum range will grow in 2006, offering the ability to take vitamin c, omega 3 fish oils and a range of calming products also in a gum that you can chew more confidently where and when you want.

Another important aspect of the new cold pressed gum is that it is more environmentally friendly than conventional boiled gum that we buy in candy stores as it will not stick to cloths or the side walk when discarded.


Further information about Hoodia Gum and Cha de Bugre can be found at www.good-diets.com

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By Paul Pearson

About the author, Paul Pearson is involved in quality herbal manufacturingYou can contact Paul On UK Telephone by calling: 011447986154057

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