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StubHub - A Better Way to Buy and Sell MLB Major League Baseball Tickets

May 8th 2006

StubHub - A Better Way to Buy and Sell MLB Major League Baseball Tickets

Stub Hub Website

I am 49, a writer, inspector, and a resident of the Seattle area. Itís green, lush, bounded by water, a great place to live and a great place to watch sporting events. With the likes of Qwest Field, which has seen some major Seahawk action in the past few years and the beautiful Safeco Field, a real gem and the home of the Mariners, I just canít lose.

Now that spring is here, the boys of summer have come home from the desert to start the 2006 baseball season.  This year I want to go to more games.  Even though I live in Seattle, I always look forward to seeing who comes to town to play against the Mariners.  You see, I love baseball and I like to see the top performers and watch a team work like clockwork as well.

Looking at the American League standings in the West last year, the Los Angeles Angels were at the top.  This powerhouse led by the hitting of Figgins, Erstad, Guerrero and Anderson, has always done well and will be a contender this season. 


The Oakland Athletics will no doubt have a few surprises up their sleeve with Chavez, Kendall, and Kotsay to bat.  When Charlie Finley was at the helm about 40 years ago, a big surprise was a matter of 3 colors:  yellow, green, and white.  Then came the unforgettable performance of Reggie Jackson, Vida Blue, Bert Campaneris and company that won them a string of World Series victories.

Soriano put in a solid performance with the Texas Rangers last year, and after a highly publicized drama, will be with the Washington Nationals under Frank Robinson this season. Rangers°Į stars Young and Blalock, hope to pick up the slack and hit their way into contention in 2006.  Seattle wants to get an edge this year with a few new faces and Ichiro, Beltre, Ibanez, and Sexon.


I always love it when the Boston Red Sox come to town.  What a thrill it was when they won the World Series and broke the power of a curse that has been kept alive for way too long.  The Chicago White Sox will amp things up with a strong pitching staff and a solid-hitting team under the leadership of Ozzie Guillen. Yes, the boys from the Bronx are back with a vengeance. 

Alex Rodriguez hit his first grand slam home run on opening night to put them in a strong lead over the Oakland A°Įs.  With Johnny Damon on the lineup, the New York Yankees are going to be even tougher to beat. Well, the American League isn°Įt the only league around!  The St. Louis Cardinals have a favorite player of mine who is one of the most persistent hitters in the major leagues; just ask those who have pitched against him. 


Nine pitches later, David Eckstein still gets a piece of the ball and eventually smacks one out into the outfield.  Then there are the Houston Astros, whose pitching follows the lead of the "rocket," Rodger Clemens, who sends many a torpedo across the plate.  I am from the Bay Area, amongst a few other places and states, and the San Francisco Giants are a special team (as well as the guys in green and yellow).  Willie Mays and Willie McCovey were big names and I can hear Russ Hodges doing the play-by-play on the radio.  The rivalry between them and the Los Angeles Dodgers began when they played against each other when they were back in New York at the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field.  There is no other rivalry in baseball that has been as long as that one.

Those are just some of the teams that may or may not be coming to Seattle.  Yes, I have a good chance of catching all the games on the television in the comfort of my own home in a soft, cushy chair or stretched out on the couch, but the real deal is to be there at the baseball game, eating a hot dog, having mustard on a warm pretzel, watching the action and hoping for a foul ball to come my way.  In my mind, Iím in heaven when Iím at a baseball game, especially at a beautiful ballpark like Safeco Field.  But itís that way anywhere across the country.  Rain or shine, thereís no better place to be.

My dilemma is how to get tickets with good seats and for a good price.  I donít want season tickets because a purchase like that isnít in my budget.  I could choose an expensive way out and go to a broker and pay more.  Thereís still no budget for that. Teams offer specials for groups of games. 

That doesnít appeal to me at all.  I want to go to some specific games and maybe, take a vacation and go to a game at the city Iíll be visiting, maybe Boston, New York, or even San Francisco.  One site Iíve found that sells sporting events tickets is  I like to check things out before I make a decision, so I got on the web and found the site.  I chose Seattle as my city, of course, and clicked on the sports tab and a list appeared. 

Baseball tickets were at the top, with NBA and NCAA football and basketball next, NFL tickets, and other sports tickets below that.  I could, if I wanted, make another city my "home," and voila, there would be a whole new set of choices.  Its just too easy!  Iím looking forward to possibly getting tickets for a game in San Francisco for that vacation I mentioned about earlier.  Anyway, I want to go to a Mariners-Angels game.  I found one and decided to find out how to buy the tickets.  The directions were simple and straightforward.  I just choose what I want and place an order.

StubHub will deal with the seller and confirmed the order.  FedEx will deliver the tickets or they will be able to be picked up at one of the StubHub offices nearby.  I took note of the phone number.  I always end up having a question or two.  All I need to do first, is register in order to buy or sell.  If I want to get more tickets for games, all I will need to do is log in and then make my choices.  Sounds good to me!  So maybe if youíre in Seattle and you want to go to a Mariners game or maybe in San Francisco in July at a game, I might just be there, thanks to StubHub.

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FR Penn
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