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Why The U.S. Should Help Illegal Mexican Immigrants - Immigration

May 8th 2006

Why The U.S. Should Help Illegal Mexican Immigrants - Immigration

US Mexico Border Fence

I am Christian, Conservative, and Republican. Having said that, let me say that we are committing a great injustice in how we are dealing with Mexican immigration and the status of illegal Mexican workers in the United States.

Congress and the American people ought to support President Bush’s guest-worker program for illegal Mexican workers in the United States. We do owe something to Mexico and its people.

In the 19th century our nation, which was experiencing great industrial, technological and economic growth, sought to expand to the Pacific Ocean. But, there was one big problem. Mexico was in the way. Western land belonged to Mexico.


So, we invented a doctrine called manifest destiny that said the nation that could better use the land had the right to it. We forcibly took what is now California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas from Mexico. This was raw aggression and it was morally wrong. Comment on this article at our Forum

When we seized these lands from Mexico they first became U.S. territories ruled directly by the federal government. Afterwards, when enough Americans from other parts of the country settled into these territories, the federal government in Washington allowed the people in the territories to vote on statehood and to have their own individual state governments.


We can partly correct the great injustice and wrong which we committed against Mexico by giving legal status to Mexican workers, many of whom are doing jobs Americans refuse to do. Most of the illegal Mexican workers are hard working and are already paying taxes from money withdrawn from their paychecks. They have already contributed billions to the U.S. economy and into social security. Only a small percentage of the total illegals are in jail or on welfare.

Yes, we should protect our borders from illegal entry, but for those illegal immigrants who have already been here for years, let us do what's right and help these people to become legal.

Comment on this article at our Forum

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Babu G. Ranganathan
The author, Babu G. Ranganathan, is an experienced Christian writer. He has his B.A. with academic concentrations in Bible and Biology. As a religion and science writer he has been recognized in the 24th edition of Marquis Who's Who In The East. The author has a website at: www.religionscience.com   Contact Babu



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