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WWE Stars Show Up For OVW Matches - Riggs Brothers Seth Skyfire CM Punk and Deuce and Domino - Danny Davis Slammed Hard

July 20th 2006

WWE Stars Show Up For OVW Matches - Riggs Brothers Seth Skyfire CM Punk and Deuce and Domino - Danny Davis Slammed Hard

John Riggs

The Riggs Brothers defeated Chad Dick and Eddie Craven in one of last night’s OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) matches at the Davis Arena in Louisville.  This was the first match back in the OVW for the Riggs Brothers after being released from the WWE.  The crowd liked them, even though Chad is still doing his striptease show. 

The taped show will include Charles Evans beating Pat Buck with a bodyslam.  In a more competitive fight, Elijah Burke beat Shawn Osbourne.  Afterwards Burke celebrated his patriotism.  Cody Runnels beat KC James by DQ.  Marcus Murtado, of PW Insider, reported that Aaron Stevens interfered on behalf of James, which prompted Roadkill to clean house and make a challenge for a tag match at Six Flags.  But just the same, KC was great doing his old school Tommy Rich gimmick.


Simon Dean beat TJ Dalton in a decisive victory.  After the match, Al Snow challenged Dean on the big screen to a tag team strap match.  Al said he would take him on at the upcoming Six Flags show.  So far Dean accepted the challenge but has not named his partner.

Seth Skyfire & CM Punk beat Deuce & Domino (with Cherry).  Murtado described the match as A bit sloppy but really good. Punk and Seth made a good team.  Danny Davis was interrupted by Mikey (Mondo) and Johnny (Jeter) of the spirit squad as he was thanking the crowd for making the OVW a success at Six Flaggs.  Murtado described the beatdown as vicious after Davis took some hard chair shots. 


Davis and friend Jim Cornette formed the OVW after Davis retired from in-ring action.  Cornett told Jim Varsallone of the Miami Harold “In 1993, I ran into Danny Davis in Louisville when I was visiting home. I was in Stanford [working for WWE] and wanting to move south. I suggested, since WWE had no formal training program to start one to give wrestlers local TV experience and a chance to wrestle in front of crowds.”  The rest is history.   

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