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US Government Stole Private James Earl Ray Interviews

February 20th 2006

US Government Stole Private James Earl Ray Interviews

James Earl Ray center

Chief Counsel Richard Sprague emphasized the point in the first interview with James Earl Ray on March 22, 1977 that the tape recordings Special Investigator Gary Revel was making of the interviews were private. He assured all those present that the HSCA would not make public the contents of the tapes at any time. The agreement was that only the upcoming testimony of Mr. James Earl Ray before the HSCA would be made public.

On January 21, 2006 Gary Revel learned for the first time that the interviews were published in 1979. After consulting with attorney Jack Kershaw who was James' attorney at the time he realized that the only way the US Government could have gotten the interviews and transcribed them for publication is if they stole them.


Neither attorney Jack Kershaw, James Earl Ray or Gary Revel had given any permission to the US Government to publish the tapes at that time. During that time period the recorded audio tapes of all the HSCA-James Earl Ray Interviews recorded at Brushy Mountain Prison had been safe-guarded by either Gary Revel or Jack Kershaw. Most of that time they were kept in a locked file in an office in Jack Kershaw's home in Nashville, Tennessee.

At no time had any of the tapes been out of the direct possession of either attorney Jack Kershaw or Gary Revel. The only time permission was given the US Government to copy them was in 1999 during the reinvestigation of the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. At this time Gary Revel met with US Marshalls in Los Angeles and watched as they made copies of many of the taped interviews. This was about 20 years after many of these same tapes had been illegally copied, transcribed and published by the US Government Printing Office.

It may be interesting to note that the United States Government never paid a dime, as they had promised Jack Kershaw and Gary Revel, of expenses incurred by the legal team and then to top it off they very secretly stole the recordings and made copies of them before returning them in a way that Jack or Gary never knew it. Then they transcribed and published them without even notifying Jack Kershaw or Gary Revel.

Well if the United States Government had planned all along to defraud Jack Kershaw and Gary Revel then the US Government's investigation was a fraud in itself and they defrauded the American People as well. Of course the American People may not mind so much that Jack and Gary were ripped off, after all they were just trying to get to the truth of the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. Gary Revel recently asked Congress for an investigation into this entire matter. We will have to wait and see if the US Government has gotten so corrupt that it is beyond the reach of justice.

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By Gary Revel
Born in Florala Alabama on June 29, 1949. His mother divorced his father when he was 5 years old and he grew up in Florida; taught himself guitar and formed a rock n roll band at 15, graduated HCHS in Bonifay, Florida, at 18 he joined the United States Navy, was honorably discharged in 1969, went to Hollywood California where he wrote and recorded songs then to New York City and Memphis, Tennessee and then back home to Florida where he met and married Linda Marie Willis. They soon moved to Nashville, Tennessee where their first son, Gary Revel Jr. was born.  Gary and Linda Revel now have 6 children with 3 being born in Nashville Tennessee where Gary worked as a songwriter and special investigator on the MLK assassination and the oldest who were born in Los Angeles, California.  Contact Gary


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