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Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Submits Bill to House Government Reform Committee to Investigate MLK Assassination

February 25th 2006

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Submits Bill to House Government Reform Committee to Investigate MLK Assassination

 Cynthia McKinney

Los Angeles, California, USA  Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia submits a bill to the House Government Reform Committee that if passed would reopen the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination investigation.  Due to the fact that there was little evidence in the case to ever convict James Earl Ray in a trial for the murder and that the Memphis Police Department and the FBI made a complete farce out of the following investigation it was just a lucky break for the prosecution that Ray pled guilty. 

He only did that because he was threatened by his lawyer and the FBI with all kinds of injustice; like the re-incarceration of his 70 year old father and the imprisonment of his brothers as well as the simple conclusion by his lawyer Mr. Percy Foreman that he would be electrocuted for sure if he went to trial.

Evidence of tampering in the investigation by United States government departments along with the agents of the FBI and CIA seemingly playing double roles in the whole matter simply add to a very confusing case that is desperate for clarity. The history of this great country continues to be
marred by the event of King's murder and the circus that became the investigations of it ever since.

The history of this great country continues to be marred by the event of King's murder and circus that has been called investigations of it ever since.  Recently attorney Jack McNeil of Memphis Tennessee who had went to the Grand Jury some years back for a retrial of the case, but was bullied into making little more than a feeble attempt to get one, has begun an effort to bring a new play to Memphis about Martin Luther King Jr. that would focus on the great accomplishments of the Civil Rights leader.

CIA veteran Case Officer Leutrell Osborne Sr. has associated with the Gary Revel Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Investigation and believes that the real killers have yet to be found and prosecuted.


Former James Earl Ray attorney Jack Kershaw and Special Investigator Gary Revel has accused the US Government of stealing private James Earl Ray interviews and publishing them.  New understandings and revelations of those troublesome days before and after April 4, 1968 have brought even more serious doubts that the killer of MLK has been identified even to this day.  If there is anything about the case that is certain it is that James Earl Ray did not shoot and kill King.

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Gary Revel

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By Gary Revel
Born in Florala Alabama on June 29, 1949. His mother divorced his father when he was 5 years old and he grew up in Florida; taught himself guitar and formed a rock n roll band at 15, graduated HCHS in Bonifay, Florida, at 18 he joined the United States Navy, was honorably discharged in 1969, went to Hollywood California where he wrote and recorded songs then to New York City and Memphis, Tennessee and then back home to Florida where he met and married Linda Marie Willis. They soon moved to Nashville, Tennessee where their first son, Gary Revel Jr. was born.  Gary and Linda Revel now have 6 children with 3 being born in Nashville Tennessee where Gary worked as a songwriter and special investigator on the MLK assassination and the oldest who were born in Los Angeles, California.  Contact Gary

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