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Sirhan Sirhan Utterly Useless Parole Hearing March 15, 2006

March 17th, 2006

Sirhan Sirhan Utterly Useless Parole Hearing March 15, 2006

Sirhan Sirhan in white shirt

There were no known officially assigned duty officers of the LAPD, the FBI or any other government security or law enforcement agency there.  Only Ace Security, a private company, had a guard near Robert F. Kennedy that victorious June 4th and then tragic shooting of June 5th 1968.  Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was in a crowded pantry area of the Ambassador Hotel kitchen when he started firing his 22-caliber pistol.  The Palestinian Arab got 2 rounds off before his arm was grabbed and pushed toward the floor by the Maitre’d Karl Uecker according to Uecker and other eye-witnesses and yet Kennedy had 3 bullet wounds in his body. 

The death wound tore into his brain from extremely close range and through the back of his head.  This is proven by Dr’s reports that there were powder burns around entrance wound that could only come from a range of inches rather than several feet where Sirhan stood.  Other proof is Coroner Thomas Noguchi’s report that the bullet that killed Kennedy had come from inches away.  Eyewitnesses agree that speechwriter Paul Schrade was hit by the 2nd shot.  In all 6 people were wounded.  6 people hit by 8 shots, 3 of which hit Kennedy, the first to the back of his head and one in the right armpit another more than a few inches below. 


The first supposedly entered the back of Kennedy’s head as he was walking toward Sirhan who was to the front and left of him at least several feet away.  These 6 people were hit by a gunman who after the 2nd shot was wrestling with several people including formidable football player Rosey Grier and Rafer Johnson.  Robert F. Kennedy died of his wounds on the 6th of June about 1:00 am.  He was the only one of the 6 killed in the shooting.  Try to make sense of an 8 shot pistol killing RFK with 3 different bullet wounds, none of which could be from the other and 5 other persons being wounded with an additional 5 other bullet holes in the door, door frame and ceiling of the pantry you will understand why still today it don’t.

Sirhan was arrested shortly after the shooting, tried by the State of California and convicted.  He has been delivered from his death penalty to a life sentence and recently had his 13th utterly useless parole hearing March 15, 2006.


Sirhan’s gun has been tested and what is clear from the tests is that at least one other gun was fired that night.  The gun that was tested with those tests being put into evidence as the murder weapon had serial number H-18602.  The gun taken from Sirhan that night is H-53725.  A 22-caliber revolver that had been carried by Security Guard Thane Ceaser that night was later sold by him and later found.  He had taken Kennedy by the right elbow and led him into the crowded pantry shortly after Kennedy’s victory speech.  What is most interesting about that is based on the evidence to date he was directly behind Kennedy when the shooting started and was the only person in a position to have made the death shot.  His pistol, a nine shot 22 serial number Y-13332, was found in a muddy pond in Arkansas 25 years later.  


During the 1977 House Select Committee on Assassinations Investigation evidence and information that led to connections between the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK was often marginalized if not outright discredited with prejudice by the FBI and the US Justice Department.  Things like the documentation of Sirhan being a programmed assassin and/or mind-control subject of the MK-Ultra genre has been completely sanitized.  Evidence of RFK’s murder has been lost or destroyed by the LAPD shoring up the conviction of Sirhan and making it less likely that more investigation could find others involved.  Things like the bullet holes, 1 in the ceiling, 2 in the kitchen door, 2 in the door frame one of which still contained a bullet not matching Sirhan’s gun.  The ceiling tile and the door frame has been destroyed. 

The investigations of the RFK, JFK and MLK assassinations have further found that noted news reporters, news broadcasters, news publishers and other news organizations have often made remarkable efforts to cover-up and censor real news of facts and prima facie evidence proving other than the US Government’s official line of lone-nut gunmen assassinations.  This policy extends even into many US Government Departments and Agencies that take steps to insure those who question the official line are sanctioned and made ineffective in their quest for truth and justice in the entire matter.

On March 15, 2006 Sirhan was scheduled for his 13th parole hearing. Based on what I have found in the facts related to the case against him it is certainly an utterly useless endeavor for him, the parole board and the taxpayer. It doesn't matter even if it were proven that he was nowhere near the Ambassador Hotel that night. He gets to take the wrap no matter what.

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