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The Phoney War - The Saudi Royal Family's War on Terrorism; “The Gang that couldn't Shoot Straight vs. the Apple Dumpling Gang"

June 5th, 2006

The Phone War - The Saudi Royal Family's War on Terrorism; “The Gang that couldn't Shoot Straight vs. the Apple Dumpling Gang"

Firing a howitzer

On November 2, 2004, Theo Van Gogh, producer of a ten-minute movie highly critical of Islam’s barbaric treatment of women, was shot dead in the streets of Amsterdam by a Moroccan Islamo-fascist terrorist name Mohammed Bouyeri. Bouyeri shot Van Gogh eight times, slit his throat, and stuck a knife in his chest. Van Gogh was an easy target.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud travels round the world with little concern for his safety. He is worth $20 billion; he is the eight wealthiest person in the world. He owns part of everything—a chunk of Citicorp, a piece of Apple Computer, a large share of Euro Disney. He flew to New York immediately after 9/11 to offer Mayor Rudy Giuliani $10 million to help the survivors of the disaster. That was nice. If Rudy would “address some of the issues that led to such a criminal attack” the $10 million was his. Rudy told the Prince what he could do with his money and New York loved it. Bin Talal has made generous contributions to the George Herbert Walker Bush scholarship fund, the Louvre Museum, and Harvard and Georgetown Universities. He represents everything Osama bin Laden hates about the Royal Family. One would think bin Talal was marked for extinction.


On June 25, 1996, terrorists exploded a fuel-laden truck adjacent to Building #131 at the Khobar Towers housing complex in Saudi Barbaria. Nineteen US servicemen were killed and more than 300 wounded. It was the work of Hezbollah with explosives smuggled in from Lebanon. Saudi Barbaria is an exceedingly dangerous place for non-Muslims.

The late King Fahd of Saudi Barbaria owned seven palaces, a chateau on the French Riviera, and two yachts, each significantly larger than the Texas Gunslinger’s ranch in Crawford, Texas and he wasn’t one to callous his hands cutting the brush away from the entrances to his palaces or to bruise his knuckles scraping the barnacles from his oversized dinghies. He had dozens and dozens of Shia and dhimmis slaves to do his dirty work. He had more oil than Jed Clampett, little of Jed’s good humor, and absolutely none of Jed’s honesty. He was everything Osama bin Laden detested about the Royal Family. Oh, how the beard-one must have been tempted to reduce one of Fahd’s Royal Palaces to rubble—to bring down one of the hated symbols of the Royal Family’s surrender to Western decadence. And it’s not like he couldn’t have done it; he doesn’t spend all of his time in a cave. For the man who brought down the World Trade Center, destroying a mere Royal Palace would have been child’s play. How about it, Osama?

 * One of King Fahd’s dinghies.


On October 6, 1981, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization, assassinated Anwar Sadat, third President of Egypt. Sadat had made peace with Israel. The Mad Mullah that issued the fatwa that launched Sadat into eternity was Omar Abdel-Rahman who iscurrently in jail in the United States for the part he played in the first World Trade Center bombing—a nice fellow.

On November 5, 1990, El Sayyid Nosair murdered Meir David Kahane of the Jewish Defense League, an extremist right-wing Israeli organization. Nosair was acquitted—no one saw him pull the trigger, but he was convicted of illegal possession of a firearm. Nosair is currently doing 15 years in the hoosegow for his part in the first World Trade Center bombing. You mean he and Rahman were pals? Gol-ly!

On February 14, 2005, persons-unknown assassinated Rafiq al-Hariri former Prime Minister of Lebanon. Rafiq had offended Syria. People who offend Syria are often assassinated. At the time of his death, al-Hariri was the fourth richest politician in the world, his fortune estimated at $4.3 billion. It has since grown to an amazing $16.7 billion!

In 1995 Osama bin Laden sent an “Open Letter to King Fahd.” He accused the Royal Family of lacking a solid commitment to Islam, of squandering public funds and oil revenues, of failing to implement a viable defense policy and later  (1996) of inviting the hated dhimmi Crusaders into the land of the Holy Places at a time of great internal distress and demoralization. The Royal Family stripped Osama of his citizenship and sent him into exile.


The Clantons and the Earps had far fewer reasons to meet at the OK Corral. Saudi Barbaria should have been drenched in blood, but what happened? Next to nothing! It’s been ten years and the so-called war between the terrorists and the supporters of terrorism is dead in the water. Dracula could have drawn more blood from a Kewpie doll than has been shed in the war between Osama and the Royal Family. It’s The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight versus The Apple Dumpling Gang. Al Capone did more damage to Bugs Moran in ten minutes on St. Valentine’s Day. Terrorists are arrested and then released; a few are shot dead, Prince Bubba-dullah smiles and the Texas Gunslinger nods appreciatively.

If Osama wanted to kill one of the Royal Family he certainly could have done it by now. Maybe his heart isn’t in it; maybe it’s too cold in the cave to think, maybe he doesn’t have Prince Bubba-dullah’s address; somebody should sent him the key to Prince Bandar’s washroom. It would be a start.

And why hasn’t the wrath of Allah descended upon Osama bin Laden? Is the Royal Family that far out of the loop? Aren’t they praying hard enough? Is there a lack of commitment to Islam? They should have sent Osama to Allah’s Great Whorehouse in the Sky years ago. He is six-feet-four, suffers from chronic low blood pressure, is diabetic, takes insulin, supposedly requires dialysis; may be suffering from osteoporosis and Marfan syndrome. And he has an enlarged heart! He’s a walking obituary! Maxwell Smart could have taken him out in two or three months—Peewee Herman in a week.

* On his way to Allah’s Great

Whorehouse in the Sky?
Theo Van Gogh, Khobar Towers, Anwar Sadat, Meir Kahane, Rafiq al-Hariri, the World Trade Center—it can be done. It’s time the Royal Family and bin Laden and al-Qaeda got down to some serious killing. Their phony war has got to end; hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dying in the real war with no resolution is sight. The wrong people are being killed. The Wahhabis, the al-Sauds, al-Qaeda and the bin Ladens must go—and it doesn’t matter how, time is running out.

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Denis Schulz
Freelance Writer

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