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The Ugly Seventeen - Canada Terror Suspects

June 12th 2006

The Ugly Seventeen - Canada Terror Suspects

Saad Khalid

How many were there? Seventeen? And five of them were under the age of consent?  Mere children? Why, that’s awful! And they had three tons of ammonium nitrate? They must have intended to do a lot of farming—certainly more than Tim McVey did. How many people did they intend to kill? And why would they pick on the poor Canadians? 

Canada has bent over backward to make Canada one of the most terrorist-friendly countries in the Western Hemisphere. What could have caused these pathetic depraved wretches to plan such horrendous crimes—to depart so far from humanity as to become beasts without consciences? Was it poverty? No, they weren’t poor. Was it oppression? No, they weren’t oppressed. Quite the contrary, they wanted to oppress Canada.


Who were these guys? A partial rogues gallery: Shareef Abdelhaleen is a 30-year-old computer programmer who emigrated from Egypt at the age of ten. Ahmad Ghany is a 21-year-old health science graduate, born in Canada, son of a medical doctor; Mohammed Dirie, 22, and Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, are believed to be students at Queens University. Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, is an active member of the Al-Rahman Islamic Center for Islamic Education, a one-room storefront mosque at Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Mississauga is the sixth largest city in Canada. It has few cultural institutions and is the largest city north of the American border without a daily newspaper. Maybe that’s why its Muslim population is so poorly informed about what is going on in their own bailiwick. 

Three of the seventeen conspirators worshipped at this mosque. Jamal lives just down the street, which makes it handy—he’s a prayer leader. The Al-Rahman Islamic Center serves the religious needs of 40 to 50 families. They all know Jamal and they were shocked! shocked! to learn of his activities. They could not believe it. No! There must be some mistake. Certainly the dhimmi authorities had arrested the wrong man. Islam was a religion of peace and tolerance. And they were generous too—look how much money they had raised for the families of Palestine’s suicide bombers.


Imam Qamrul Khanson said Jamal’s prayers were a little more aggressive than other prayer leaders but there was never any talk of violence or terrorism. “Here we always preach peace and moderation,” said Khanson. “Just the possession of ammonium nitrate doesn’t prove that they have done anything wrong.” (Of course not—how can an amateur gardener keep the gladioli in his window box healthy unless he has a ton of ammonium nitrate on hand for emergencies)

Dr. Mohamed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress blames the Canadian government. “All suspects involved in the current investigation,” he said, “must be treated as innocent until proven guilty. (Where does he think he is? Saudi Barbaria?) Canada’s 750,000 Muslims should not be made guilty-by-association, either in the Canadian media or through any public pronouncement. (This is from a rascal who said on TV: “All Israelis are legitimate targets for suicide bombers) It is irresponsible for our Prime Minister to paint today’s arrests as a battle between ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Such statement puts all Canadian Muslims in great danger.”


Sorry, Elmasry, Islam divided the world into ‘us’ and ‘them’ fourteen centuries ago and if three tons of ammonium nitrate didn’t put all non-Muslims in Canada in great danger you must be reading from something other than the Qur’an.

Anser Farooq, lawyer for several of the accused said, “I think they (the cops) cast their net far too wide. We’ve been talking several lawsuits as a result of this action.”

Imam Aly Hindy said, “Because they are young people, and they are Muslims, they are saying it is terrorism.”

“This is to keep George W. Bush happy, that’s all,” insisted one lout.

There was more—most of it too irresponsible to mention, much of it, unfortunately, emanating from the Canadian government. Time for a little history lesson: Every time Moe Howard poked Curley in the eye, Curley knew where it came from. Every time Islam pokes Canada in the yet, the Canadian government looks at Larry, asks to see the script (the Qur’an), can’t find anything but peace and toleration, apologizes for its insensitivity for suspecting anything at all, sits back and awaits the next finger in the eye—or a ton or two of ammonium nitrate. The next time those morons north of the border have an election they ought to elect Curley Howard. Yeah, yeah, he’s dead but how would that be worse than what they have got?

Not a single Muslim in all of Canada knew what was going down—except for the conspirators. The 40 to 50 families that frequented the mosque, the lawyers, the imams, the women in the burqas, knew nothing from nothing. It was the chat-room observers and the Royal Mounted that exposed the vermin to the light of day. Someone in the Muslim community must have known something; 750,000 Muslims cannot be kept in the dark unless they want it that way. And that is the problem. Good Muslims, moderate Muslims—call them what you wish—want the same thing the Jihadists want; they want an all-Muslim world. Nothing else will satisfy them. The Qur’an enjoins all Muslims to work toward that end. Whether it is achieved by peaceful or violent means, the good Muslim, the moderate Muslim, will not interfere. They do not crave diversity. There is no affinity, no closeness, no love between the Muslim world and the non-Muslim—there is only Jihad.

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