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Illegal Immigration - Paul Harvey--Mexica Movement's Enemy of the People

July 24th 2006

Illegal Immigration - Paul Harvey--Mexica Movement's Enemy of the People


Here comes Aztlan, ready or not—Paul Harvey, Mexica Movement’s enemy of the people!

“It is outrageous! A poor campesino can’t sneak across the Rio Grande without some Nazi chasing after him! A grillito leaves a candy wrapper on an Indian reservation and some Apache with a feather stuck in his hair acts like an amigo killed the last buffalo! A compadre drives through a couple of Stop signs and runs a red light on the way to work and some Gringo cop accuses him of breaking the law!

Has the Gringo ever been to Mexico? What does he know about law? Ask for a beer in perfect Castilian and the bartender says, ‘No hablo Espanol.’ He only speaks Chinese! What kind of a country is this?  That’s why I’m joining the boycott on Disneyland. Those crypto-Nazi-Fascist-brownshirts had no right to build their amusement park on our land—the sacred land of the Aztecs, the Toltecs, the  nahuacs, where Cucamonga mated with Azusa and Anaheim to create Los Angeles. So, Senior, I intend to join the Mexica Movement. And I will as soon as I use up my ten free passes to Disneyland. Then I am going to tell Senor Disney what he can do with Mickey and Minnie…Have you got a cigarette?”…Anonymous. 


Are these the ravings of a lunatic? No, just another semi-literate who has been to the Mexica Movement website. These fine fellows want their land back—the land where Tezcatlipoca roamed with his magic mirror, where Montezuma feasted on spare ribs freshly torn from the bodies of his enemies cooked in tomatoes and chili pepper. Yum, yum, an amigo can’t get tasty treats like that at a Los Angeles convenience store. Yes, the hated oppressors must be driven from Anahuac, from Los Angeles, from Des Moines.

Oh, yeah, and how are they going to do that? The Mexica Movement website says, “The Mexica Movement, an Indigenous Rights Educational Organization, is calling for an immediate international boycott against The Walt Disney Company and all of its holdings.” It’s a small first step—very small. The Disney Company is the world’s third largest media conglomerate. It includes Miramax Films, NASCAR.com, Hyperion Books, the Anaheim Angels, Discover Magazine, ABC, and many more.  They do not sell spare ribs cooked in tomatoes and chili peppers nor do they manufacture magic mirrors. (They don’t? Why that’s utterly contemptible! They should fire their cultural diversity director!)  Comment on this article at our Forum


“We are asking for this boycott,” says Mexica, “because Disney has made a habit of hiring talk-show hosts who spread the Minutemen’s white supremacist racist agenda against Mexican and Central American communities in the United States.”

Frankly, Scarlet, that is utter nonsense. The only habit Disney has is making money—lots of it. It doesn’t spread a white supremacist racist agenda—Minuteman or otherwise. Like most modern corporations it kowtows to the racist agenda of various minority groups.

The Rainbow Coalition and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, si: the Minutemen and the Swift Boat Vets, no. But even bad propaganda needs live villains and Mexica’s propaganda is beyond bad—it is stupid. Fortunately, for Mexica there is no end to the gullibility of its rank and file and villains can be created out of thin air. How about Paul Harvey?  Well, why not? Harvey has been around longer than Disney. He would make a wonderful villain. So, it comes as no surprise. One round, lock and load. Mexica has accused Paul Harvey of advocating genocide, ethnic cleansing, use of biological warfare and slavery against the indigenous people. Mexica must have copied this bill of attainder from the Nuremberg Trails—or maybe they got a last-minute e-mail from Ramsey Clark. (Harvey is well known for praising immigrants who have made good in America) * And the beginning of what?

And there’s Doug McIntyre, a radio talk-show host, who is accused of inciting bomb threats on a charter school, Academia Semillas Del Pueblo, a La Raza version of an Islamic Mad-Rats-Asses school. McIntyre committed the unforgivable sin of suspecting a minority group of wrongdoing. He sent an investigator, Alexander Wells, to the school to check a few facts. It was like an episode out of Mike Hammer. A bad guy tried to run down Wells with a car near the school grounds.  Then there was a struggle over Wells’ equipment with the perp running off to Aztlan with the audio tape from Wells’ recorder. The incident is under police investigation.

No one could possibly mistake the Mexica Movement for The Jetsons. They are not looking toward any visible future; they are more like dinosaurs or a mess of cockroaches looking for Jurassic Part. The plan—if they have one—is to recreate the lost glories of the Aztec Empire in a new Aztlan, a land no Aztec ever knew or would have cared about if he had. The Mexica Movement is closer to Nazism and Islamism than to anything else. Chained to Aztlan and Tezcatlipoca, they are going nowhere.

Arnold Toynbee, in A Study of History, accurately describes the Mexica Movement without ever having known it. When a civilization is in serious decline or has been moribund for centuries, wrote Toynbee, it will produce a Savior of some type who will attempt to stave off its final dissolution. There are two kinds of Saviors, explained Toynbee. There are those who lead their people into a brave new world of science, technology, education and freedom—a leap into the future as he called it. Quite this is accomplished forcefully. Prime examples are Peter the Great of Russia and Ataturk with what was left of the Ottoman Empire. They are not always successful.

The other kind of Savior has his eyes focused on the rear-view mirror. The past was better; it was great; it was glorious. He wants to return to days of yesteryear and will do anything to get there and woe to who stands in his way. He will save his people whether they want it or not. Thus we have Adolph Hitler and his Nazi war-bands; Hassan al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood, and groups like Mexica Movement, La Raza and MEChA.

There’s nothing like a torchlight parade with hundreds of waving banners and thousands of true believers shouting “Sig Heil” to get the Barbarian juices flowing again. A call for martyrs by a Mad Mullah will do much the same. But the Hitlers and al-Bannas need something more than words though to stir up the faithful, they need something tangible, something visible to focus on, windmills might have been good enough for Don Quixote, but windmills, rocks and TV reruns are not enough for the thugs needed to do the dirty work, they need enemies; they need Jews, untermenchen, infidels, kafirs, dhimmis, Minutemen, and Paul Harveys.

In a free democratic society one would expect an organization like Mexica Movement to be dead in the water but with the support of radical college professors and those Liberals who hate America more than they love freedom it is still afloat. Barbarians always find friends in high places and Mexica Movement has theirs.

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