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AAA Monkeys - "See No Evil?" – Clean Air Act and the Automobile Club of America Challenge to  Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program

March 6th 2006

AAA Monkeys - "See No Evil?" – Clean Air Act and the Automobile Club of America Challenge to  Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program

Clean Air Council Website

In 1990 the US Federal Government passed the Clean Air Act.  Since the state of Pennsylvania was not in attainment of the standards set, they had to create a program, to be approved by the federal government, in order to avoid stiff penalties.  Part of this program was the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program. 

The Clean Vehicles Program helps improve air quality since about one third of smog is created by exhaust.  Reducing smog-forming emissions is much cheaper and easier than reducing pollution from business and industry.  Additionally, since state programs are stricter than federal programs they do much more to help air than the federal standard alone.

It is increasingly important to pay attention to the quality of the air we breathe.  Over one million Pennsylvanians alone suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma. 


Every year more children are put on inhalers, and more and more stay on them throughout adolescence.  Respiratory disease is exacerbated by poor air quality.  The quickest way to correct problems with air quality is to reduce pollution.  AAA, however, is pushing to increase it.

A new Flash movie called “The AAA Monkeys” that rips into the popular automobile club AAA for its opposition to the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program was released online today at  The humorous web animation portrays AAA as a group of mischievous monkeys who “See No Evil” when their antics burden people with high gasoline costs, limited consumer choice and dirty air. 


“AAA needs to stop monkeying around with air quality, gas costs and consumer choice,” said Arthur Stamoulis, Director of Government Affairs for Clean Air Council, the statewide environmental organization that released the Flash presentation.  “The Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program will reduce air pollution from cars and trucks, while improving gas mileage and expanding hybrid options available to consumers.  AAA’s opposition to the Clean Vehicles Program is a slap in the face to Pennsylvanians concerned about poor air quality and high gasoline prices.” 

For the past several months, AAA’s Mid-Atlantic office has engaged in a lobbying and media outreach campaign in support of HB 2141, legislation in the Pennsylvania House that would block implementation of the Clean Vehicles Program.  This legislation has been opposed by Clean Air Council, the American Lung Association, the Pennsylvania Public Health Association, the Pennsylvania Nurses Association, the Pennsylvania PTA, Citizens for Consumer Justice and many others. 


“Most AAA members sign up for the roadside assistance and other benefits.  If they knew that AAA was lobbying against air quality programs, they would be outraged,” said Stamoulis.  “We hope this animation will help inform AAA members that the auto club is supporting anti-environmental, anti-consumer legislation in their names.”

Clean Air Council’s website encourages you to contact AAA and ask them to drop their opposition to the Clean Vehicles Program.  The website also contains facts correcting the misinformation that AAA has spread about the policy.  This information is all on the website,  and the animation can be found at

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By Kristen Sheaffer
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