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The Top Five Realtor Skills That Will Sell Your Home

February 13th 2006

The Top Five Realtor Skills That Will Sell Your Home

Choose the right Realtor

When shopping for a realtor, look for one who can get the job done. You want your property to be sold to a qualified buyer in the shortest amount of time possible. That means you need to find a real estate agent who knows the market, understands the economy, and is willing to position your home in an attractive market niche. Here are some of the most important qualities to look for when signing with a real estate agency to sell your home.

1. Reputation. Does the agency enjoy a favorable reputation in the community? Are buyers and sellers eager to work with this company and its agents for real estate transactions? Avoid those with out-of-date or disreputable characters. Look for top-of-the-line realtors who know their stuff and will go out of their way to make a deal work for both buyer and seller. This doesn’t mean you have to go with the most expensive realtor, but rather, that you should look for one with a positive history of satisfied customers and productive sales.


2. Two-way communication. Is your agent willing to exchange information about your property, or is she more interested in telling you how things are going to get done? While you want someone with a take-charge personality who can lead the way to a great sales deal, you also want an agent who will work with you to create the best possible terms for a mutually satisfying deal. Find out how a proposed agent feels about returning phone calls and getting client input.

3. Availability. Is your agent too busy? On one hand, that can be a good thing, meaning that your realtor is on the ball, with services sought by many clients. On the other hand, though, that can be a drawback, if the agent is unable to schedule an open house in a timely manner, show prospective buyers through when they call, or answer your phone calls with questions or requests for information.

4. Industry savvy. Does your agent know the ropes for selling property in your community? How long has he been in the business? Are his credentials up to date? Has he sold many properties? Were they similar to your home, or completely different? Make sure the agent is able to competently handle the sale of your home.


5. Friendliness. Everyone enjoys working with someone who is pleasant. A smile goes a long way when negotiations are tense or drawn out. Although this can be hard to gauge up front when choosing a realtor, you may get a sense of her personality from how hurried or anxious she becomes while talking about your property or visiting for the first time. Prospective buyers prefer working with a nice person, too.

While other characteristics are likewise important when choosing a realtor, these five can help to make the difference between a prompt, satisfying sale and one that is drawn out or frustrating.

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By Dion Smith
This article was written by Dion Smith of The Westside Group, offering Brentwood California real estate and more. The Westside Group also provides a wealth of free resources for any home buyer or seller. Contact us today to receive your FREE HomeBuyer or HomeSeller Handbooks. Reproductions of this article are encouraged but must include a link back to    Contact Dion

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