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How to Get Top Dollar from Your Home or Condo

February 14th 2006

How to Get Top Dollar from Your Home or Condo

Get Top Dollar for Your Home

Every property owner wants to receive the maximum profit from a home or condo sale. Although your property may already look great and represent a super offer to potential buyers, here are a few tips that can help to bring out its best features.

1. Emphasize curb appeal as you work on your homeís external appearance. Trim the lawn and eliminate weeds. Dress up the porch or front door with a fresh coat of paint and hanging plants or a wreath. Set out a couple of cozy chairs, and pick up all the kidsí toys around the yard. Your front entrance will welcome or repel guests, setting the tone for their overall basic impression.

2. De-clutter the interior. Remove junk like stacks of newspapers or magazines, pet toys, and stray blankets or mail. Store unused furniture in the attic or basement. Your rooms should look comfortable and lived in without feeling crowded. Cover worn spots in furniture with doilies or slipcovers.


Vacuum draperies for a fresh feel. Have the beds made, and all clothes put away or out of view. Leave plenty of walking space within each room, and when possible, open drapes and blinds to let in sunshine and provide an overall open feeling.

3. Clean your property thoroughly before an open house. Dust furniture, scrub floors, polish wood, sweep steps, and do whatever else it takes to show your house at its best. Trim dead leaves from plants, replace burned-out light bulbs, and keep counters clear of dishes or debris. Try to remove spots on the carpet.

4. Make it smell nice. Open the windows and air out your home. Burn potpourri or candles before potential buyers come to see your house, which will help to reduce unpleasant cooking or pet odors. Clean the bathrooms, and run the whole-house fan or air conditioner to circulate air and enhance ventilation. Put ferns in some rooms, as they help to absorb odors and add a natural green touch.


5. Keep animals out of the way. Some homebuyers donít like the idea of purchasing property from pet owners. They worry about fleas, stains, shedding, and odors. Make sure none of this is evident, if you have pets. In fact, keep your pet locked up, crated, or out of view during an open house or when potential buyers come through.
Many of us take our property for granted. But like anything else, when it goes on the market, a house or condo needs to look its best. Take a couple of hours to put your property in its best light before buyers come calling.

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By Dion Smith
This article was written by Dion Smith of The Westside Group, offering Brentwood California real estate and more. The Westside Group also provides a wealth of free resources for any home buyer or seller. Contact us today to receive your FREE HomeBuyer or HomeSeller Handbooks. Reproductions of this article are encouraged but must include a link back to    Contact Dion

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