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January 27th 2006

Profile of a Successful Teleseminar Campaign

Web Success

Teleseminars are an excellent vehicle to increase your visibility, effectively promote your products and services, position the organizer as an expert in the field, and keep them coming back for more! They are a must have tool in your online marketing arsenal. They will position you as an expert in the field and give you a chance to soft sell your product and services. The teleseminars can be conducted in the evening from the privacy and comfort of home. No travel time, no expenses. Of course, there are key ingredients (and a proven formula) to mounting a successful online teleseminar campaign. If done correctly, the results will astound you.

Case Study
The Web Success Team just completed a successful teleseminar campaign for MasterMind LIVE! — an international entrepreneurial organization that helps people realize their full potential, as individuals and as part of Mastermind networking groups.

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Web Success Team

Speyergraphix Design Studio

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The teleseminar was positioned as a FREE 60-minute live evening event, with two Mastermind Experts and Moderator engaging in lively discussion on a variety of predetermined topics. Questions from the participants were gathered in advance and incorporated into the discussion to make it even more relevant for the participants. It also creates interactivity and makes them feel part of the process. All listeners were given a special phone number and code, along with a designated day and time to call in.

In brief, the following three web pages comprised the campaign:

1. Sales Letter:
A one-page sales letter with engaging headlines and copy, photos and audio of the speakers that details the 60-minute teleseminar; well designed graphic presentation with branding; sign-up form to capture name and email (for current and future marketing outreach opportunities); and a Tell-A-Friend link for viral marketing to increase your outreach. You can view this page on:

2. Congratulations for Registering:
This auto responder web page confirms their registration; has identical campaign branding with photos and audio; gives registrants the telephone number and guest code to call in at the designated time; a link to an “ASK” page. The link to view this page is:

3. ASK the Experts:
This branded ASK page with photos and audio wants the registrant to “ASK their single most important question for the Mastermind Experts.” and begins their active involvement in the seminar. They enter their question and submit it. This link is:

There’s More… Much More!
Of course that’s not all there is to developing a successful teleseminar campaign (additional web marketing tools can be utilized). Emails have to be sent to the target market, carefully crafted to inform and entice. Bonus incentives are peppered throughout the blasts to offer more attractive value.


Remember, FREE is not incentive enough.
There has to be perceived value in order for people to spend their valuable time on a tele-call. That’s where the skill of a copywriter is critical. Let me clarify, not just someone good at writing copy, rather an experienced web writer that is knowledgeable about what copy works in the web world. There is also a delicate balance of what is credible and what is hype; what resonates with the reader and what is “too good to be true” — which translates into fewer responses, fewer sign-ups!

WIN-WIN Benefits for ALL
To sum it up, the Mastermind LIVE! Teleseminar “sold out,” correction “over-subscribed” (since the seminar was not fee based). That was one barometer of success — a full house, or a full phone line. What else made this Teleseminar so successful was the organizers’ ability to offer and interest the participants in an upcoming PAID Teleseminar Series, sale of their Mastermind book, plus other caveats or incentives to participate.

It was a win-win for everyone. The organizers were able to build an online community and an outlet for their products and services — and make money; and the participants “sampled the goods” FREE, received great value, and came back for more!

Web Marketing WORKS!
The Web Success Team, a direct response web marketing and development company, has helped businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs conduct successful teleseminar campaigns. For more information on how to tailor a teleseminar campaign to promote products and services, contact The TEAM today at: http://www.websuccessteam.com or call (818) 222-5643. Mention this article and receive a complimentary one-hour consultation from a TEAM member. Also if you would like to receive other Web Success Team Marketing Tips or find out additional information on direct response web techniques, contact The TEAM at info@websuccessteam.com


By Robert Speyer
Bob is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Psychology. He began his advertising career in public relations, working in London, Copenhagen and Caracas, Venezuela in the fields of international education and technology. Upon relocating to the United States, Bob teamed with his creative partner, Janette, to form SpeyerGraphix in 1982. Bob’s expertise is in taking a company’s marketing vision and transforming it into creative advertising strategies with practical cost effective applications. In short, he will position a company’s products and services through various new (web) and traditional (print) medias of communications. Bob has successfully worked with Fortune 500 firms to start-ups in the entertainment, manufacturing, consumer, computer and hi-tech/electronic fields. As co-founder of Web Success Team, Bob brings his strategic marketing and project management expertise to work for Team clients.  Bob is Co-Founder, President of Web Success Team and Speyergraphix Design Studio.  Bob and his team can handle all of your offline design and advertising needs.  Contact Bob

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