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Health Answers Online Website - Ask Doctor Questions On the Internet

April 30th 2006

Health Answers Online Website - Ask Doctor Questions On the Internet

Dr. Vicky

Find Out More about Your Most Important Health Concerns. Web Success team is proud to announce the April launch of Healthy Answers Online (http://www.healthyanswersonline.com). It is a direct response informational site that encourages visitors to join the renown Chiropractor, Dr. Vicky Arcadi, and her online membership community. Visitors also have the ability to communicate their most important health questions in the section: “ASK DR VICKY.”

This makes the site even more relevant to the visitors/members as it is interactive, communicative and responsive. Dr. Vicky Arcadi, specializes in the field of Pregnancy, Newborn and Pediatrics, and has developed Healthy Answers Online to address women’s most important health concerns.

One of the most unattended natural events in health has to do with pregnancy and the utilization of nutrition safely. There is very little information available for women to help them attend to their pregnancy and the common discomforts they may face, such as threatening a miscarriage, morning sickness, back pain, heartburn and indigestion, muscle cramps, insomnia, fatigue and blood glucose difficulties.


This site will provide information and suggestions regarding infertility and to improve the health of parents, the unborn baby, and the woman during pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as post-partum and breast-feeding. Then once the baby is born, there is education and suggestions that Dr Vicky will share with new parents to achieve optimal health for their newborn, which will positively affect their baby as he/she grows into an infant, toddler, child, teenager and young adult.

Incentives to JOIN NOW. The site is an example of a consumer friendly branding with a good balance of text, graphic design, and navigation to easily guide the consumer through the site. The information is presented in clearly delineated sections to help the visitor make an informed decision with added incentives to JOIN NOW (i.e. informative pages, audio, easy navigation, tips, newsletters, conference calls, promotional membership offers, etc.).


The Buy Now buttons are strategically placed throughout the site and linked to make a purchase through a client branded shopping cart. Branding a shopping cart with the home page gives the buyer a comfort level that they are purchasing from the sponsor (in this case Dr. Vicky) for higher credibility and conversion. Remember, conversion is the key as the buying process can be interrupted at any time. Bob Speyer, Co-Founder, President, http://www.websuccessteam.com

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Bob Speyer, Co-Founder, President, Websuccessteam
Bob is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Psychology. He began his advertising career in public relations, working in London, Copenhagen and Caracas, Venezuela in the fields of international education and technology. Upon relocating to the United States, Bob teamed with his creative partner, Janette, to form SpeyerGraphix in 1982. Bob’s expertise is in taking a company’s marketing vision and transforming it into creative advertising strategies with practical cost effective applications. In short, he will position a company’s products and services through various new (web) and traditional (print) medias of communications. Bob has successfully worked with Fortune 500 firms to start-ups in the entertainment, manufacturing, consumer, computer and hi-tech/electronic fields. As co-founder of Web Success Team, Bob brings his strategic marketing and project management expertise to work for Team clients.

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