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The Suggested 5-minute Announcement that can Change the World

July 17th 2006

The Suggested 5-minute Announcement that can Change the World

G8 Summit

Consider, for a moment, the potential affects on violence in the world if President Bush, from the Oval Office, announced:

“It is clear that our efforts in the Middle East to replace violence with political debate has been an abject failure. In the process my administration has placed an undue strain on America's families by sending their spouses and children to foreign lands for unachievable causes and from the economic consequences of depleting public coffers for funding such, not to mention the financial burden we've placed upon the working class from the surge in oil prices caused by the instability in the region that contains the world's oil largest oil fields.


“Therefore, in my estimation, and my estimation alone (this line is to make sure that Mr. Bush's neocon advisers can escape the blame of the president's discretion), I do not believe that wisdom is served by devoting the American people's lives and treasure on disputes that do not involve them or that can possibly begin to be understood half a world away.

I have come to the conclusion that the energies of American government need to be focused on the problems within the nation's borders—the most important of which are restoring the value of American labor and stability to the currency by ending the foolish government practice of overspending its revenues. Comment on this article at our Forum

“With this focus in mind I am hereby withdrawing all American military personnel from Iraq and Afghanistan with an apology to the citizens of those countries for the horror we have brought them. What started as a quest to bring terrorists to face judgment for the hell they committed on September 11, 2001, has become an ill-advised exercise in nation building in a region that has a history of rejecting the systems that have sprung from Western beliefs. I pledge that after we have removed our occupation and reset our government's focus on serving the interests of the nation that we will take every step to recompense the damage we have done to your lands—that is the American way of doing business.

“In the meantime, I am impelled to inform those who would terrorize Americans in our cities, however, that we are going to be very diligent in defending our shores. Those of you who consider violence a suitable political tool might find avenues for that expression outside the US, but taking such measures in our borders will draw serious and drastic consequences.


“As for the current conflicts facing Israel I wish to express my sympathy. It is to my great sorrow that the folly of my administration has helped to motivate the enemies of that nation. On the other hand, the domestic problems that are burdening our citizens have little or nothing to do with the conflicts of Israel. Last night I took the time to review the US Constitution and my oath of office and found there nothing that obligates my office, our congress, or the citizens of the United States to the safety and security of Israel, so while I offer them my prayers and Godspeed, I feel honor bound to limit our financial and materiel support to only those means allowed by the next congress that will take office this coming January 2007.”

A statement of this type not play well with a large number of people who have become enamored with directing fire power of the American Military to hot spots around the world. Nor would it be found appealing to the hormonally addled, middle-aged male voters who find the testosterone surges from war talk to be an adequate substitute for their fading influence on a culture that has been feminized due to their negligence. Furthermore, such a message would cause a horrible disruption to the political system that has become accustomed to combating the evils of partisan opposites in biennial intramural hissy fits—an announcement that funding of foreign policy initiatives are subject to congressional oversight might restore intelligent debate to election campaigns.

A message such as the one above would inspire vocal and vicious objections from global oil companies that have profited significantly from American intrusion into Middle East power struggles, their government, and control over their oil fields. Instead of their access to oil being guarded by American prestige and power, they would have to negotiate business deals with the people who actually live on the land they seek to use. They would then have to negotiate deals in markets for the purchase of their oil and face market forces such as supply and demand on the price of their products. A decision by President Bush to withdraw American meddling in the Mid-East might even light a spark to the American entrepreneurial spirit to fill a need with a solution to the energy demand that would rise from a diminished supply of oil (we've done it before, there is no reason to believe we can't do it again).

Perhaps removing the promise of financial and materiel support for Israel's military build-up would force them to negotiate peace with their Islamic neighbors. Announcing that financial support for Israel should be an issue of debate for Congressional elections would certainly force the Israeli lobby to present itself to the public. It might even inspire Israel to conduct itself as an ally rather than pushing America into deeper obligations for the provisions of Israeli security.

An announcement of the kind submitted could, though, restore the notion that American government exists to serve the interests of American citizens. It would pay homage to those of us who have worked a lifetime to help raise Republicans to power for the cause of limiting the power of government and America's obligations around the world. If President Bush promised to start honoring limits of the Constitution on the exercise of government, he would be restoring integrity to the idea that Republicans aim to conserve the ideals that made American independent and self-sufficient and giving form and focus to his claim that he is a constitutional constructionist.

If President Bush made a declaration such as the one above he would disenfranchise the neocon influence over his administration and free himself to truly become the “decider” in his administration. It would also force the Karl Roves of the world to take a lesson in federalist government and understand that, as Tip O'Neill once said, “All politics is (sic) local.”

With one five minute announcement George Bush can remove American government from the dictates of emotionally driven voters, global industrialists, narcissistic and self-important hegemons, foreign entanglements and political hacks to restore it as a source of public service and a system of justice.

I guess that's why we won't hear an announcement like the one authored above—but I won't sue for plagiarisms if he uses it.

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By Bob Strodtbeck
Bob Strodtbeck has been writing editorial commentaries since 1993.  He has professional experiences in pharmaceuticals, radio, and education.  He has also served as a church elder in an Orlando congregation where he has made his home since 1986.rvstrodtbeck@peoplepc.com

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